Ferrum College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to not take so many AP classes and to focus on my GPA it would open more doors than just the classes that i took. I would work harder and study before tests. I would also try to be involved in more social clubs and school organizations.


If i could go back and talk to my self as a high school senior i would tell my self that the college expirence is just like what i thought it was going to be. But when it comes to time management during my sport season that i need to make a better effort to be more organized. Be ready for a lot more of work outside the class room and more readings that go with my learning. Lastly, do not go into college thinking i am going to do everything i can to not stress my self out, but learn to cope with stress better and ways to control my stress.


If I could go back in time to my senior year I would tell myself to take the time to learn how to study and learn how to balance my social life and study thime better. I would tell myself to set aside an hour and a half everyday for studying instead of waiting until the night before my test and that will allow me to make better on the test and in the long run that wll make me have a higher grads point averge, and having a higher grade point average will boost my confidence and then I will get a better education because I will have confidence in myself.


I would tell myself to buckle down and stay focus as much as I can with playing soccer, work-study and doing schoolwork. I would also tell myself to take the same classes as my floor mate and friend. When I had any trouble, she could have helped me with the questions I had. One concern I had was being able to keep up with all I had to do so I became overwhelmed. I forgot to write assignments down or I could not study or do work because I either had games or work-study. I would remind myself I came to college for an education and soccer was my second priority. After my first semester, I lost my scholarships, my parents’ approval and I lost respect for myself. My GPA was unacceptable to me and it took me the rest of my college career to reach a semi acceptable GPA. It is harder to bring up a GPA once it is low. I have learned the hard way. Now I know what can help and I have grown from that experience. I just wish I had learned it sooner than later.


Go with the flow but remember who you are and what you stand for.


It has made me learn so many things i didnt know and shows me how little i really knew from before i went to college it is a real eye opener. It has also showed me how to manage my time and learn skills in a interesting field to me and its been valuable because it shows you skills and knowledge you need to learn to get ahead in the job market. it was one of the most life changeing things i have ever done and I am trying to get the most out of it as i can. Thank you for your time.


I've only been here for a semester but everything I have done has had value to it. I've grown up so much from my high school years and have learned much about being independent. I'm more focused on my studies and also working and envolved in clubs. I look forward to three more years at this school.


Originally going into my freshman year, I was a pre-med major. All my life I have wanted to help others. I thought that meant a medical career. However, my first semester experiences have already taught me more about being a global citizen and how I can improve the world through other educational paths. Thus far, it has been valuable for me to attend, even at the minimal first semester level, because I have selected my major to be Environmental Planning and Development with emphasis on environmental science. Preparing to make a positive difference in the world, I will use my education to improve our earth. We only have one; I recognize that “I” can help to preserve it for future generations. This is how I will help others. My goal is to focus on water/soil pollution control and conservation. I feel that my early college experiences have helped me to discover how I can be my best self, how I can make a positive difference, and how I can use the knowledge to educate and make the world a safer place for all citizens around the world.


I have gotten alot from my college experience. From joing a sorority to writing for the school newspaper I have met alot of wonderful people. My school gave me the oppurtunity to interview congressman Tom Perriello for the school newspaper. I believe this is an oppurtunity that I would not have been able to recieve at any other school. Also my school has helped me learn alot of new an interesting information through the different classes I have taken, which I believe will help me alot in the near future.


The most important thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is hope. Hope for myself, for other people, and for the world. I have gotten hope for myself through the knowledge I have gained, and seeing my potential come through. Also, by learning new and different things in each class I have realized my passion for school and seen what I can become by staying on track. Sometimes, I see my peers making bad choices in life and wonder if there are any good people to come out of my generation. In class though, I get to see the people who are making a good choice, and I get to see how smart, creative, and passionate others are. From realizing the potential in myself and others, I have gained hope that we will be able to do good in the world, and make lasting changes.


All my life education has been something that I felt was a privilege, especially knowing all of the people that don’t get a chance to go to school. There are so many things in this world to learn about and college opened the door to an abundance of information that I could have never learned in high school. College introduces you to the world in a way that adolescents, like myself , can understand and absorb to use as a guide for our success. Everyone says we are the future, but I don’t feel there can be a good future without institutions like colleges. College provided me with hope that maybe the world isnt so hard to take on, and it is possibble to succeed in life. College provides me with the perfect median that anyone my age would need. As a senior in high school, I was afraid to leave because I felt the world would chew me up and spit me out with no remorse. College gives me confidence through knowledge, and I feel like the world is my backyard. College showed me that you can only fail if you give up on what you want.


My college experience brought me out of my shell. Attending a small school I had opportunities to be involved in numerous activities and got to know many students, faculty and staff that I am still in contact with. I discovered a love and passion for history that I did not know before. During my last year of college I decided that I wanted to teach and enrich young people's lives like my professors had mine. My college was a liberal arts school so I feel like I have a well-rounded education and have knowledge of multiple subjects. Being involved in athletics gave me a strong sense of school spirit that I still practice as an alumnus. I loved going to a small, country school and cherish the friendships that I made. Now that I am attending graduate school I feel that my undergraduate education has prepared me to be successful in my graduate classes and later in my career as a history teacher.


I have not started classes yet but I will soon. I expect to receive great opportunities when I graduate. It is valuable to attend so you can have a better chance at being successful. Success comes with hard work and dedication. College is definitely what you make it. You choose your own career path. Everything work around you. You do not go to college because you have to, you go because you want to.


So far while attending college I have experience that everybody life isn't perfect and isn't the same. That everyone at school is their to better themselves for the future so they want have to go though the same thing their parents had to without a college education. I also experience that friends you meet will be their for you for life. The completion of attending college is important to me, because I would be the second person in my family's generation who would have attended a four-year institution and earned a degree. This would be the biggest achievement to happen in my life because it allows me to set a perfect example to my younger brother and cousins that they can believe in themselves and work hard to accomplish the goals that they have set for there lives in the future. Once I achieve getting my degree in Computer Science and in Computer Technology. I plan on pursing a career job in web design, computer engineering, information systems. or graphic design because I like how it allows you to be very creative in what you do to share to others who are looking for new ideas.


Hard work and good key values.


College is the place to be your self, meet new friends, and become a totally new person. You learn the ways of the modern world and the ways to fully understand how to work in a hostile or extremly hectic environment.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself how important this is. I would begin my 9th grade year focusing on excelling. I started the school year with a D my first semester of ninth grade and worked very hard to overcome that deficit in my GPA my entire high school career. I enjoyed my experience but could have done better. There were many obsticles I found that was presented. My school was not as prepard as they should have been to get me ready for college. My coach did not offer aid or information to ready me for an athletic scholarship. My teachers and cousellors were not forthcoming with the things that I needed from them such as letters of recommendation they promised me or transcripts and college application that I needed them to finish. I really had no idea that preparation for college was so intense. I took a lot for granted. I heard it was hard but did not connect the dots as to why. With the help of my mother I did move on but I would do more much sooner if I could.


Never give up, stay focused, keep your priorities in order, make the best of everything because you never know what might happen, small quarters can house a lot of stuff, keep your eyes open and your ears tuned because you can learn a lot without even being in a classroom.


Entering college life brings a lot of trasitions. For example, living on your own and managing your own money. The most important thing I would have told myself is to learn how to prioritize. School work before parties, is what I tell myself now, but sometimes, I never follow through with it. Also, it is a good help to go to study groups if you are having trouble with a certain subject.


When you start your freshman year it will be overwhelming. Try to stay focused on your work, it will hurt you in the long run if you dont.

I would work on time management. I also would have taken more dual enrollment classes. Stay focused on schoolwork more. School comes before fun.


My advice to myself would be not to worry because everything works out. Also, to remeber to look at all options, one doesn't need to figure out what they want to do in life by their senoir year. Going to college a lot of times opens up many more options and helps one discover who they really are as a person. Not everything for the rest of ones life has to be made when deciding to go to college.


I would think first about what is most important, the education you will recieve at the college you choose. Some schools may be very popular, but those tend to be the ones with hundreds of people in one class. While the school I chose was smaller, the maximum number of people I had in any class was probably no higher than 25, the average being much lower. I truely believe it is easier to learn in a smaller class. You get to know your peers and teachers better and as a result can more easily turn to them should you need help in the subject. More than once teachers have offered to stay at the school and assist students as late as there are students waiting outside their door. This may not sound as good to the students as it does the parents, but we forget this is the primary reason we are going to school in the first place. As for making the most of your college experience, I would not measure that by the number of parties you attended. You can have fun, but I chose to focus my efforts on what I was paying for, my education.


My advice would be pick somewhere that you think your going to like. The reason being is that your not going to want to stay somewhere you don't believe your completely happy being at. Make sure the area that you are choosing is safe and it's an enviornment that you can relate to and your comfortable being in. College is more then just any education it's a living experience. It gives you the chance to have fun, make friends, and most of all make something of yourself.


To find the right college, visit the campus and try to stay overnight. You have to get a feel for the campus and the people there to know if it's the right "fit" for you. Then get involved once you are there. Meeting people and being active helps you settle in and enjoy school so much more.


Students should choose a college or university based on what suits them the best. The college experience should be more than just academic. Make sure the school you choose for your self or child has good professors and many on-campus activities, such as sprots, clubs, and volunteer oppurtunities. Although classroom and study time is extremely important, I believe that in order to grow and become ready to face the world you must enjoy your college experience all around. If able, try to attend many open-houses and tours of the campuses you may be interested in. Meeting advisors and professors will also give you an idea of their relationships with thier students and devotion to teaching.


Visit the colleges and pick the one that feels right. Money feels like an issue but the college were you feel like you will be able to get the best education is worth the money. I am paying 29,000 by myself but it is worth the education I am recieving.


Don't just pick a college because there are alot of parties there. Those people that slack off at first are the ones who get left behind in the end.


I strongly agree that you should visit the college or universities of your choice because sometimes when you surround yourself with the people of the school you get a vibe , and with that vibe you can truly decide if that is the certain school for you .


Don't rush take your time and start early. Get as much information as you can about each college


That it is very important that you find a school that fits your personality and look at the current stidents who attend that college ans ask yourself if you would hang out with those type of people.


Make sure that the college offers the right courses for the student, not the parents. Picking a college is about the student not the parents. If a student is going to enjoy their college experience then it will have to a school that the student is going to enjoy because they are having to attend there.


Go to a school that can challenge you and make sure you love it. Also make sure that you feel right and know that you are prepared to spend 4yrs and a lot of money to earn an education that you want to get ahead in life.


Parents Encourage you sons and daughters. They will have to learn its not easy you will have to study and find time to play but just being there is a great experience. You will never go wrong having an education!!!