Ferrum College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I like the fact that the school is isolated enough so that I can focus on classwork. Because there are few off campus activites one does not easily get sidetracked from ones academics. Besides that I could say the fact that one does not have to be a Theater major to tbe part of the Theater department. I am a pre-med student and I have a strong part in the student section of the department.


It is a small school, which allows students to get to know each other well.


The best thing I consider about Ferrum College is that it's a nice friendly campus. Since Ferrum is a small private school around a small community people, students, and teachers are nice and kind to you everytime you see them. With not that many students on campus making friends with other individuals is easy because you can start up an conversation about high school years, where your from, and sports and hobbies that you both experience and enjoy in your life. Once you make friends at Ferrum they become more lto you ike brother or sister which is awesome .


I enjoyed the atmosphere of the school. It is set in the country, so the scenery is very nice. Because the school is smaller, there are smaller class sizes. The teachers are also very willing to help students personally and sometimes become friends.


I consider the best thing to be the student to teacher ratio. The low number of students in each class allows better teacher to student enteractions.