FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Los Angeles Top Questions

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This school is going to teach you what you need to know to get you into the fields as fast as possible.


The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is unique compared to other schools because of the focus on creativity and the arts. FIDM is a place where you are encouraged to push the envelope, try different things, and propose new creative possibilities. FIDM is also different because of the extensive out of state and international students, there are so many cultural, ethnic, religious, and artistic backgrounds which is culturing and learning experience.


The school I am currently attending is completely hands on and involved with helping their students find careers while in school and after graduation.


What's unique about FIDM from othhers that it teaches and stresses to students to develop and nuture your contacts. It is essential and necessar going to make it in this industry. They teach you that it is not only about what you know; it?s also about who you know and who knows you. The bottom line within this industry is WIIFM (what?s in it for me)! I it is imperative that everyone we meet , we should treat and view as a potential contact. First impressions are lasting impressions; therefore you must stand out and make it count.


its unique because you can get to focus on the career you desire the most. I like this college because it has a jewelry program. this program is only available in this school. i enjoy class besause its hands on work. i also enjoy this school because i get to pick my schedule that goes with whatever else am involve with like work.


This school offers a lot of opportunities; such as internships, jobs, or fundraisers to help out at. They host a lot of events on campus allowing students to really network with people in the industry of their choice.


Whats so unique about FIDM is that you can be whoever you want to be and go in what ever direction you want to go and no one will judge you because we network in the same industry. And there are so many directions to learn in and all our teachers are in the specific industry so they know what they are talking about and they could be possible employers if they see we are good, determined students.