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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Ryan, Be patient rome was not built in one day. The fears you currently have are from what others wished they could have done, do not make them your reality. Understand that rejection makes you stronger not weaker, apply to all the schools you wrote down and never be afraid of the unknown. You have a purpose in life like we all do, your young, bright, and are a handsome fellow go at it with lightspeed. Remember to stay humble, no one likes a show off or know it all. I know your will to suceedd is greater than failing and you let pride and ego get in the way but that has its limitations, know when to go and know when to stop. The journey is long but just in a blink of an eye lash your an adult, the parties will fade along with the taste of women and liquor if you dont have something concrete such as an education and a career to show for it. I want you to stay hungry for knowledge, associate with positive people who want and actually do make a difference. Love yourself, Me


You are getting ready for an exciting journey as you set forth to attend college. You have a few choices to make to prepare and I would like to impart some wisdom to you. You have dreams and passions within you which you have carried for years. Hold them dear to your heart and let it guide you in your future choices rather than listening to the voices of others. In choosing the college campus of your dreams, do your research to insure the college you choose will offer the major and area of study that is in line with your career goals and passions. Your college experience will be rewarding if you do what is meaningful to you. While in college, remember to stretch beyond your comfort zone and know that there are limitless possibilities for your future. Stay humble and know that there is much to learn. Use your time in college to explore how you may apply your passions to different career routes so that you may refine your future goals. Take time to clarify your God given purpose and then walk towards it with faith and perseverance, knowing all your dreams will come true.


Now that I have spent several years studying many different subjects, I am more aware of what I want to pursue in my education and my career. If I could communicate with myself in the past, I would ensure that I am more aware of the interests that I wish to pursue. If I were to direct more effort and enery in that direction, I would be better prepared for an education and career in that area and be more able to produce much better work.


Attending college has given me the opportunity to figure out what I really want in life. It has helped me determine what is important as opposed to trivial. College has forced me to grow up mentally, some thing I never believed I needed, but wouldn't trade for anything.


Even though I have only finished one quarter of schooling, I already feel as though I have ten times the skills I need to succeed in the fashion industry. I have be taught by some of the best teachers who work in the fashion industry and teach us through personal experience, giving us both a realistic view of the world we are going into, and inspiriation that if the teachers have extremely successful then we can do the same. The best thing about the classes is that they are small, so I get to have one-on-one instruction from the teacher and I have also be able to make many friends in the industry. Networking is the most important part to the fashion world, and through meeting new people in classes, and through school events, I am able to network automatically. All my classes are there to aid me in becoming the best designer I can be which is why I feel that attending school has been so valuable because if I have gotten ten times more knowlegable and skilled in only a quarter, I can't imagine how skilled I will be when I graduate.


I went away from home for my second University experience and I learned a lot of things about myself. I know now that I can work hard, especially when it's for something that I want. It was incredibly valuable that I went away for school because it opened my eyes to things about myself that I never thought were true.


From my college experience I can say that I have grown in many ways. Before starting college life, I viewed life as something to simply enjoy. Highschool was merely a place to study and to enjoy with friends. As I graduated from highschool, I feared to what my future would become. How in the world was I, an 18 year old teenager, supposed to know what to become of myself? After I finnaly found out what my vocaction was, I gladly attented college. Since then college has made me a greater person today. I am know an adult who can take care of myself and have learned to understand that my future depends totally on me. It depends on how much of effort I will put into college and how I overcome obstacles that arise during college life. It has been valuable to attend for those reasons mentioned and also because thanks to it, I am a greater person today. I am no longer a kid, I am know a mature person who has determined to love life in a "grown up" way.


Right out of high school I got a job with Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. as a receptionist. During my interview I told them that I will be going to college online full time and work full time and that I wanted to make sure I had time for that. I was told that because of what I said they hired me. They loved that I was still eager and willing to get an education. I have been with Kiewit for 3 years now and I am still a full time student. There has been good and bad time though don’t get me wrong.. I took a year break because I became too stressed and believed that it wasn’t worth it. Management encourage me to go back to school and to get what I deserve a degree which will give me better pay. I have learned that college is a very important part in life. The experience and the feeling of accomplishment is not something you can get anywhere else. I currently have 2 more years to go and I am very excited to see the road coming to an end.


I have recieved a better knowledge of my career and how much I love going to school. Everytime I step into class, I don't feel like I'm going to school, I feel emerged into what I love to do, Fashion/ Costume design. I value my time there, just learning so many new things about the fashion industry I never knew about and what I can do to revolutionize this industry. I have grown more on my aspect of beauty. Women should be valued based on who they rather than just their looks. I believe women should feel and look beautiful in their skin no matter what shape, size, or skin color they are. We are beautiful! I love FIDM and I wouldn't choose any other school or career for anything!


As being the oldest of four siblings in my family, I knew I had to make wise choices for my future to give a good example to my siblings, and make my parents proud. Now, that I am currently attending college, I have developed self confindence and the maturity to be succesful as a young adult. Being the first in family enrolled in higher education after finishing high school, has made a big impact in my family. Both of my parents are field workers, and as being part of the middle class society, my parents have encouraged me to stay motivated in optaining a degree. College has been valuable to attend, because it has given me many oportunities to grow as an adult and stay focus on my future.


I've acquired many wonderful benefits out of my college experience but what has impacted me the most is the ability to become a hard worker. I've come to realize that all the deadlines, projects, and assignments we receive are very similar to what employers expect out in the real world. The only difference is that instead of an A or a B, I'll get my monthly salary to pay my bills and support my family. College has taught me not to procrastinate, to complete assignments in a timely manner, and most importantly, to try my best. So in conclusion, even though college is a struggle at times, attending college has been extremely valuable because I am a dedicated worker. My future employer will hopefully be pleased with my work ethic, and employer satisfaction equals promotions, pay raises, and bonuses.


Thus far out of my college experience I have learned about the strength that lies within me. I worked so hard to get to FIDM, putting myself financially through school, and figuring out all my living situation, I moved across the country from Ohio to California to pursue my dreams in the Fashion Industry and make a impact for the good on the world. I faced alot of challenges in getting here and after moving here I faced the hardest struggle I have ever encountered and overcome it, and am pushing through each and every day. The 10th day into my move I was drugged and sexually assaulted, it required me to get surgery, therapy, and medications that made me very ill. I decided to stay in California and in school and continue to fight to pursue my dreams and I am now happy, thriving, and finishing up my 1st year. I have not only learned so many valuable skills for my future career in fashion but I have found the inner strength within myself and the confidence to know I can overcome anything that may come my way, and to never give up on my dreams.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). I have learned so much about the fashion industry. I am discovering more information for the industry I desire to be a part of. I am learning so many new skills to use in the industry. Currently, I am learning how to do technical packages for garments. This is so exciting! I will have a higher earning potential based on knowing how to do this. FIDM has the great classes and professors that prepare you for the fashion industry in a unique way. All the professors are currently working in the industry. They are great advisers for my professional career in fashion. They are willing to help students fulfill their dreams. FIDM has top notch technology for the industry. For example, FIDM is the only fashion college to have GERBER technology. This puts FIDM's students ahead of the rest. We, as FIDM students, can rock the fashion industry. We have alumni in high places! FIDM prepares its students to go out into the world and be the best in whatever area of fashion they choose.


Take more time for yourself ... The journey you have ahead is something not to be taken lightly, however, that does not mean you should lose sleep, skip meals, or give up the better part of your senior experience in pursuit of unknown and falsely perceived happiness. You are the best judge of how talented, personable and driven you are in life, and by keeping all of this in mind you are also the best judge of what you are able to accomplish in your future educational endeavors. The moral of your story Bryan is this ... get plenty of sleep, eat three meals a day, hangout with a friend and remember the only person that can hold you back, is YOU!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to relax. Everything works out in the end. This is advice I try to follow even now. It can be applied to everyday situations.


Since I am just about to start college (July 2010) I don't really know how things will go once I get there. But the advice I will give myself now is to just be myself. Don't worry about trying to impress people so much and just be friendly like I normally am. I find that things tend to go someone's way when they're not trying too darn hard. And make sure to be extremely focused on schoolwork, not just having a great social life. Once you fall behind, there is almost no catching up because this is a fast-paced, rigorous college. What i've learned from FIDM so far is that there are plenty of opprotunities and amazing experiences to be had. All that needs to be done is just to be open to those opprotunities and experiences. College can and will be the most amazing, fun, and educational time of my life. Go with the flow, meet new people and make great friends, and stay focused. It will get me wherever I want to go.


The very first thing I would tell all high school seniors is we need to ensure that everyone we meet on our life?s journey are potential contacts for future endeavours. It is imperative to stress to them that first impressions count, because you do not get a second chance to do it over. Cherish and and embrace every experience you are afforded as skills to be developed and nutured into career aspirations. You never know what career opportunities are waiting just around the corner for you. I would stress to them that you should grab hold to life, absorb all the education you can, and live life as if it is your last day. Don't lose sight of your dreams and aspiratIons. Follow your heart and keep pressing for the mark of the high calling.


Start as soon as you can and study hard. Take an elective art class and study for that as much as you can. Don't procrastinate and study for exams. High school and college are two different things. In high school you can pass by barely studying but college you need to push yourself to the limit. Look for jewelry techniques and learn what they are and how they are used. You might not need to know how to make it but it will help if you knew what the techniques were. And just because you like english doesn't meen it will be easy to pass an english class. You need to study and do research. and most important have fun because this experience only happens once in your life. Enjoy


I would tell myself to get a jump start on searching for colleges and filling out scholarships to pay for college. I would look into more financial aid options and find out more about the area of my college. Finding cheap, but good housing not to far from my school. Looking for a roommate in advance, in case i chose to live off campus.


If I could go back in time, the only thing I would tell myself would be to "save my money". I had more of a social life in high school and didnt get into my "choice" colleges in New York City. Insted of moving to New York I moved to Los Angeles to attend FIDM. I thought that I wanted to go to New York at the time, but today I am so happy the way things turned out! As stated above I said I would go back in time and tell myself to "save money" becuase the college I go to is $25,000 per year. If I had saved in the past I would have had to take less money out in Student Loans, which I will be paying back for many years to come. However, it was worth it because I have found great jobs, friends, and am now persuing a B.A. from the school of my dreams!


In order to make the college transition easier. I would recommend to any student that they really go for what theyre heart desires from the start. It is a waste of time and money to be unsure of what your outlook is. And once you do decide, put your heart and soul into everything you do. Your not given as many second chances and late due dates as in highschool, you dont know your group members as closely as you did in highschool, and you arent able to meet with your teachers as easily as you could in highschool. You need to pay attention in every class, attend every lecture/discussion, ask questions when your unsure, and set aside enough time for projects and exams. Those who work the hardest and get the most out of their college experience will benefit the most in the real world and receive the jobs they dream of.


Preparation, Preparation, Preparation! In high school you focus so much on the finish line, it is easy to jump across and into something too soon and without consideration. Take the time to formulate questions to ask potential colleges and perhaps take a course or two at a local community college while in high school to test potential majors or areas of study. Whatever program you choose to study, make sure you?re passionate about it, as you?re going to have to study the ins and outs of the program for years and potentially have a career in that area for the rest of your life. Be motivated by passion and interest instead of a salary. These factors will help you to graduate from your prospective college.


I would encourage my high school senior self to focus on continuing my education after completing the two year fashion design program at FIDM. When I first attended FIDM in 2000 the current business management program I am enrolled in was not available. 7 years after graduating from the Associate of Arts program I am now just beginning to work on my Bachelor of Science degree and the results are very rewarding. The knowledge that I am now gaining is very relevant to my profession and had I studied business management earlier there is the possibility that I could be further along in my career. I would also advise my high school senior self to apply for more scholarships and save more of the money earned from working a full time job to repay student loans and avoid as much debt as possible. I would caution my high school senior self to build a folder of business cards and contact information of all the professionals that assisted with college admissions and internships and begin to send out a holiday card wishing them well and keeping in touch as a form of networking.


The advice I would give myself, is to develop my time management skills. It is very important to priortize from things that are most important and what is lease important. Also, to be patient with things because nothing happens over night. Also, another important thing is to not do things the last minute.


I would have a lot to tell my high school senior self. First I would tell myself that high school doesn't matter after June. No one in the real world cares if you were awkward or shy because you can recreate your life sooner than you think; being yourself and being outgoing is better than the fear of failure. I would also encourage myself to enroll in art classes my first year at city college instead of going with the flow of getting an A.A in Liberal Studies. I wasted 4 years at city college because I didn't follow my interests in art and I was barely able to expierence my passions before finally getting my act together and leaving Santa Barbara. And, finally, I would tell myself to STOP SLACKING! You can do anything you want in life but restrictions will arise preventing a lot of them. Don't be ignorant about your limits and know when to think what's best for you before succumbing to peer pressure. The world is out there for you to experience; don't just dream about it, live it!


The advice I would give to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to be better prepared and research more about the fashion industry. I would tell myself this because in order to suceed in a career centered school you have to know about the industry and follow what is going on all over the world. Also, being more prepared makes it easier to make the transition into college life a follow a healthy path. I would also tell my self to work a summer job and save up so that I could experience more while going to college and not have to constantly worry. Another thing I would tell myself would be to not to stress as much because once you set your mind to something you can achieve anything as long as you work hard enough and stay positive.


Knowing what I know now, if I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior the advice I would give myself would be to master time management and planning in efforts to make the most of your time. I would also encourage networking and partnering with the instructors and staff as they would become great resources for job placement, recommendations and academic support. In addition, I would encourage participation in campus activities (especially if one would be away from loved ones) and events. They expose you to networking opportunities with other students, keep you balanced and well-rounded and you just may have some fun! I would also encourage myself to utilize the resources available at the school, career counselors, internships, job opportunities and scholarship programs to name a few. Lastly, I would share how much hard work and studying is involved and taking college seriously can mean the difference between an A and a D. What do you want; the A or the D?


I would tell myself not to goof off so much and stay focuses. Procrastination and unorganization are a killer in college. But i would not be where I am today had I not had all the experiences I've had that led up to the present time. I can't really give my high school self that much advice, because it took me all of the 5 years since high school to find out who I truly am what I want to do with my life. I can't say I wish I would've done things differently because if I did, my life would've probably made some drastic turn. All through high school I took art classes and planned on being an art major in college. Then senior year I decided to get back into acting (something i had done from 5th through 8th grade). After 3 years of theater in college, i got out of it. i decided i wanted to do something where i could join my loves of art and performing arts. thats when i decided to pursue costume design. And that's what led me to FIDM.


If I was to go back in time to talk to myself as a senior I would tell myself to make sure I practice time management skills especially for homework and tests. I am a huge procrastinator and I always wait until a hour before I go to bed to look over my notes. In college some teachers will not even allow you time to study, so it is very important that you study as soon as possible whenever possible. Without a set schedule to go by, schoolwork can become very overwhelming and stressful which is the worse feeling especially when you have a lot of work due in a short period of time. You are a well balanced high school student so I know you will be fine. Lastly, keep family and friends close because they help a lot when you are down or homesick. Good Luck!


I would tell myself to save all of my graduation money. I never realized how much college would cost until I was out of high school


My senior year of highschool I was focused on enojying the time I had left with my classmates. From alumni, I was always told the last year doesn't matter- hearing this I decided not to push myself to the maximum. If I could go back in time and tell myself that it actually DOES matter, I would have been more motivated, increasing my grades and my GPA. I would have also started to save up for money instead of spending it on shopping spree's since I was not aware of the amount of money I would be spending for college. If I could go back in time, I would take things more seriously, and do whatever it took to make myself more prepared.


The only advice I would give myself is....READ YOUR TEXTBOOKS!


The advice I would give myself is that, I should've paid more attention to what the teachers were saying about college preparation. I was ready to move with my educational but I wasn't prepared. I remember my teachers saying many things about what to do and what will happen in college but I didn't pay close attention to it. I learned how to adapt myself into the college classroom and deal with professor, trying to remember what words I was once given by some who had tried to tell me, a teacher, a good advisor who warned me.


If i could go back in time to talk to myself about college i would say " Dont worry Liat, you chose a great path for yourself and you will have days where you think otherwise, but you have to go around those bumps in the road and realize it will be a learning experience. Remember to always be yourself and kind, even if there are people that you dont click with. And remember to get involved and make a name for yourself, because in the long run it will only benefit yourself. Dont try to impress anyone else but yourself and you will be happy and successful in school and in the future. This is the school you chose, you knew from the beginning it was for you follow through and everything will turn out the way you visioned it, I promise."