FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Los Angeles Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


My frusatations came from the titled courses that had different names that were taught on the same basis. An example of this would be Merchandise Math and Retail Math, different titles similar principles. The enrollment process in getting into classes could have been better excecuted, you would have students staying overnight laying on the floor just to get into a class. I am sure they have progressed in education since my attendance there was in its infancy stages.




The most frustrating thing about FIDM is the amount of supplies we have to carry around with us. At the beginning of every quarter, we are given our supplies, and some teachers require that we bring all of the supplies to every class. Some of these supplies are extremely oversized and at times, heavy. This becomes a challenge when one has to cross the street to get to campus or when we must keep our supplies as neat as possible without any scratches, dents, etc. In conclusion, it would be helpful if we received smaller supplies.


The most frustrating thing about FIDM would probably have to be time management. FIDM works you very hard, and they strongly encourage and help you find either an internship or a part-time job. Along with the minimum 30 hours a week of homework, that puts a lot of pressure on you to do well and be able to handle everything on a timely basis.


FIDM is a school that is very diversified. I thought is was a good thing, but then it also made me feel like they were being treated a bit differently than i was and getting more attention. It also was a bit frusterating that the teachers were of many different backgrounds and theyre speaking ability lacked quite a bit


One of the most frustrating things is the location. Students come from all of the United States and abroad to attend FIDM; therefore, coordinating a move across country, finding a residence, and finding a job are all factors facing FIDM students. My advice, start prepartion to attend FIDM early- search apartment listings, job boards, and plan a visit so you become familiar with Los Angeles before moving.


The most frustrating thing about FIDM would have to be the fact that some people don't take the program seriously and think that they can just breeze through the classes when, in fact, they fail or accept minimum passing grades. I feel like they aren't fully appreciating the opportunities that are being given to them and it can be distracting at times; especially when projects and attendance aren't taken seriously. It's worse when it affects my grade or I have to pick up the slack in group projects.


The most frustrating thing about my school will have to be all the homework and projects we get crammed in a short period of time. The assignments are very time consuming and can be very tiring but if you have great time management skills you will do just fine.


The most frustrating thing about going to FIDM is that sometimes when we have a project we are required to have a budget or limit. And because we are so artistic and visual are minds keep thinking and producing that when we have to work with a limit it holds us back. Another frustrating factor to FIDM is the sterotype. It isn't easy work, it might be very hands on, but the teachers expect professional quality work so we work hard for long hours.