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FIDM has the specific classes and certification in a career I wanted to pursue. I wanted to go into the Field of Product Design and Marketing after taking classes in high school for Fashion Design. This school was a perfect match and was the next step in pursuing this field. Other schools and colleges I invistigaged did not have the specific classes that would fit the needs for the field of study I wanted a career in. This school will help me pursue a career in fashion and setting up my own business.


The Fashion Institute of Deisng and Merchandising has a degree that I was interested in that no other school provided. My objective for the Bachelor of science degree in bsuiness management I am pursuing has a minor in product development which makes it possible for me to have a bigger spectrum of choice in the field of fashion. I also like that fact that they are well know and have a great chance of finding a job after graduation.


It's a positive space , that really lets you be free and be who you are. Although its an art school it doesn't seem competititive. FIDM really helps you build a foundation , so that you will be successful in the industry. I believe that FIDM is one of the best fashion colleges in the world. Everything that I learn in the class rooms I see professionals doing. The teachers are industry professionals and really give you expert information.