FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-San Francisco Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would live on campus. Right now I am living off campus approx. 45 minutes from the school. I went with a girlfriend who was going to another school and things did not work out for her. It would of been much easier to be closer to school and I would be more involved in some of the activities if I were closer to school. I would probably have made more friends, but with my work -- I still have made plenty of friends. Other than that I was very prepared for my adventure to an out of state school. I previewed the school and knew my budget, planned on getting a job and spending time doing homework. I probablly would have saved more money before going to school because I was on a tight budget when I got there. I had to find a job right away to afford all my living expenses until I was able to find a job. The whole experience has been positive and alot of life learning experiences.


Samantha Elizabeth, cancel your enrollment at San Fransisco State University right now and apply at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. You'll save yourself two semesters of depression. Secondly, go to a doctor and look into ADHD medication. Your father has hidden from you that you are in fact ADHD. Last but not least, from here on out your not going to depend on anyone but yourself. You have two legs, two arms, a loud mouth, and your going to make decisions from here on out. And remember to spread your smile and stay optimistic at all times.


I would tel myself pay more attention in class. I would have told myself to ask alot more questions and work harder to achieve good grades. I think if I knew some high school students I would tell them the same thing. Most of the things I learmed in high school were life lessons which helped when I went to college but knowing algebra and understanding old english literature would have helped when I started college. I also feel as someone who has been through college before and high school learning from your mistakes is one thing you can change and accomplish more in the long run. I have many goals that I want to accomplish one of them right now is getting a B.S. in Business Management and take my goals and ideas to another level. Thank you for this oppurtunity.


Dear me in 2 years: FIDM is AMAZING and is going to change your life, even after being here for only 3 months. It's a LOT of work, but it's worth it. The city is amazing, and you will meet so many great people. You will have to learn how to balance school and work, and still find time to fit in time for yourself. Finals will stress you out, but you'll get through it. Once you make it through your first quarter and are on break, you will have time to stop and realize how lucky you are to be going to such an amazing school. You are living your dream and things will only keep getting better. <3


I would have gotten a job to save money for school. I would have also told myself that college isn't high school and that I can't lag and be lazy with work . I would go back and tell myself to just embrace everything and no matter how hard school gets to never give up because it will pay off better than i can ever expect it to in the future !


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take advantage of all the good opportunities that can be beneficial to my career path. I made few mistakes during my high school year by being a big procrastinator and passing by good opportunities that could have made my college life easier. Also, I would of tell myself to apply for all of the scholarships available for me because college is expensive and loans are expensive too. And now since I was not prepared for college and was not knowledge about opportunities that were available for me, I had to pull out loans for college and I made it harder on myself.