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Finger Lakes Community College

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What kind of person should attend this school?

Determination, dedication, and strive are good characteristics of the type of people who should attend Finger Lakes Community College. Honestly, no matter what college someone chooses to attend they should have goals and work toward fulfilling those goals. Hard working people learn to appreciate their grades rather than slackers because they put effort into their classes. People with good attitudes and respect toward fellow classmates and professors would be good for attending Finger Lakes Community College.

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Personally, I believe anybody would like FLCC. It is located in a beautiful area, the teachers are all extremely helpful and kind, and the class sizes are small, so you are not just a number. There is a lot of diversity, so no one person would feel out of place.

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I believe that anyone who wants to save money, or is undecided on what they want to study, should go to this school.

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