Finger Lakes Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how cheap it is to afford to pay for a class out of my own pocket compared to other colleges. Personally, I thought 552 dollars was expensive for one 4 hour credit class, but many other college charge much more than that. The lower costs I brag about the most to my peers and family members.


What I brag about to my friends most about FLCC is that the teachers are very helpful and the classes are smaller than other schools. The teachers will make sure that you completely understand the material before they load you up with anymore. I really like FLCC being a smaller school because you are around the same people everyday and that makes me fell more comfortable and I get to know my classmates better.


When talking about my school, I brag about how it allows me to be my own person. Coming to this school has helped me grow up as ajn individual and have a better look on life and of myself. I also talk about how friemdly the people are; I love it here.


The school takes pride in maintaining a sustainable, environmentally friendly reputation and is likely to be one of the best community colleges in New York State for biological related fields. Teachers are very well respected and the school has ties to renowned universities such as Cornell.