Finger Lakes Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my college is its overall concern for the environment and its sustainability efforts. We have a sustainability committee that figures out how to make the college more environmentally friendly and also encourages high school students to be more actively involved in helping the environment through offering the honor of the Go Green Student of the Year Scholarship.


The best thing about Finger Lakes Community College is that it is a stepping stone into the real world. Unlike other colleges, FLCC has a small amount of students per classroom (~ 20-25) which makes the learning process much easier than in a lecture hall. The fact that FLCC has a smaller population of students also makes the "hands on" classes much easier because there are not too many groups.


Everything! The staff, students, programs, and extracirricular activites are all great and very helpful. I'm a returning adult student and the school has so many options available that it makes it easy for me to fit school into my busy home life. I was worried about going back to school but FLCC has made it so easy and so much fun that I am glad I decided to go.