Fisk University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are fun, hardworking individuals who are here to get an education and make a difference.




My classmates at Fisk University are serious about their education. Fisk is a private school and tuition is quite expensive. All the students recognize the expense of this university and want to get the most for their money. Although the students take their studies seriouslt, this does not stop them from knowing how to have a good time. I believe that Fisk University students have mastered the balance between the fun of social activities and the importance of academic success. I truly love being apart of the Fisk Family and hope we become even closer as we progress towards graduation.


My classmates at Fisk University are goal oriented, eager to learn, and everyone has a drive to succeed.


Although Fisk is a historically black institution, the students are very diverse. Geographically, the students are literally from all over! The North, South, Midwest, West Coast, pretty much everywhere in the U.S. Then we have South American students and Caribbean students from the various islands. Students also represent different African countries like Egypt, Ghana and Nigeria. So pretty much the entire African Diaspora. Also the student body is religiously diverse. Fisk has a religious affiliation with the United Church of Christ, but students represent various religions, like Islam and the various denominations of Christianity. The students are from different economic backgrounds. Some have a legacy of Fiskites in their families. Others are first generation college students. Some have jobs. Some drive Jaguars, Benz, and BMW's. Some wear dresses, high heels and business casual attire to class, others wear hoodies and jeans. But we still operate as one unit, one family that is united through Fisk.


openminded goal oriented fun epople


Focused on insuring that EVERYONE succeeds, now just themselves.


My classmates come from various backgrounds. They are very bright and have promising futures. My classmates are very encouraging and supportive.


most focused, some confused, and others clueless, but all decant people with goals and minds bursting with intelect and visions of change


Very focused, open-minded, optimistic, successful, intelligent, caring, family-based, goal-oriented role models!


The student body although it's a HBCU it's very diverse. It's almost as if everyone has some type of talent rather it be musical, artistic etc... everyone here seems to have a talent. We're very outspoken and truthful. No one in particular stands out as far as outcast go. It's not uncommon for students to wear suits or heels (to dress up) to class, if you decide to wear your pajamas to class you may get a lot of strange looks. We're very liberal when it comes to politics but traditional at times. We're just very diverse.


When you come to Fisk and expect to be surrounded by young adults, think again. This school has some of the most conceited, self-centered, gossiping people you will ever meet. Everyone is in a clique and everyone talks about everybodys business like no on has a life. Be prepared for some drama.