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Fisk University is unique because each and every one of us is able to be cultivated as leader and is personally attended to. We are such a small school that we are able to form personal relationshipis with our faculty and staff, which leads to opportunities that might not have been available otherwise. We focus on the advancement of each student while focusing on diversity, excellence, teamwork, accountability, integrity, leadership, and service.


What is unique about Fisk is the disfuctional family that welcomes with open arms, heavy heart in all. Fisk is a very, and i stress very, small school so everyone knows everyone and looks out for everyone. We know just about everyone on this campus so when someone doesn'e belong, we know it.


Whats unique about my school is the history and our student body is like no other.


The thing that makes Fisk University unique,compared to other schools,is its rich history. When I found out Fisk was one of the first schools opened for the education of Black people I knew it was the place for me.


At Fisk, compared to the other schools I considered, you can develop a close relationship with your teachers due to the small class sizes. Also with Fisk being an Historically Black College, you will get the opportunity to learn more about the history of African Americans. Coming from a small high school, I felt Fisk was a great choice because it has a small total number of students and faculty. At a bigger school, I probably would not receive as much personal attention I needed from my teachers and my class sizes could have been enormous.


The historical relevance and campus excites me. The very small class sizes provide an easy atmoshphere in which I will know my teacher and my treacher will know me.


Even with all the hell they put you through here, there is a certain spirit at Fisk that makes you have to stay. You don't choose Fisk, Fisk chooses you so even when you feel like giving up on your school because of problems with financial aid and other administration , there is something that keeps you grounded until you finish.


Its a small HBCU and its close knit like a family. Its bittersweet though because just because its close knit there are still cliques drama and negativity.


We are a very small liberal arts school that focusees on achievement in all areas in life. Granted we do have financial problems, but our school gets students ready for the real world.


Fisk University is unique to me because when I visited this campus as a senior in high school I saw that everyone was socializing wit everyone, no one was off sitting in a corner alone to themselves. When I came here as a freshman everyone was very helpfull in directing me on how to get to a class, the best ways to study for a class and alot of great things to do with my free time like getting involved in on campus clubs and SGa and student life.


Fisk's rich history and family atmosphere make Fisk unique, but most of all the people make the school. Intellectually and Spiritually, Fisk has some of the most beautiful people you could meet.Students thirst for knowledge and not timid when it comes to challenging others for the Truth.


this school sucks! and dont come. The credits dont transfer so once ur here ur stuck, so save yourself and ur 25000 and head in the other direction.