Fisk University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Due to the small size, not only to the professors know your name, they know your potential. The freshman core classes are designed to help students find a black identity by exposing them to black culture and literature that may have been "overlooked" during their early education. It's pretty cool because you get to discuss contemporary topics like Hip Hop in class. Most of the classes are really small, so class participation is necessary and vital. Actually, in most classes the students lead the discussion. Its usually not a situation where the teacher just lectures and students take notes. The teacher is involved in the discussion but its more like a conversation. However, in these types of classes, its important to be prepared for class and the teacher knows that you didn't read because you can't contribute to the discussion. Most of the classes are so interesting that its not unusual to find students having intellectual conversations in the cafeteria or dorms about a topic that was brought up in class. Fisk's education system really teaches you HOW to think, so that you can apply your knowledge and skills to any discipline, job, or situation. Most of Fisk's students go to graduate school. Several of the professors are Fiskites, so they know and appreciate the legacy and traditions of the school and seek to uphold them. They are understanding because they've been there and they know when a student is pledging a fraternity/sorority or not to give a major assignment due during Homecoming Week.


Academics at Fisk you freshman year the classes are very basic and easy as with any college during your freshman year and it picks up during you junior and senior year once you get into your major so to speak. The education here is geared toward learning for its own sake and getting the job is something that come later, learning is the focus. The Professors are very personable and easy to approach they know all of our names even after you have taken their class and they care. The students are always engaged in intellectual conversations outside the classroom it's almost like second nature it just happens. And as far as competion goes it is almost as if it doesn't exist here, yeah we all want good GPA, we're just here to cheer each other on in hope that everyone does well.


the academics at fisk are the best thing about the school. All of the classes in the CORE cirriculum have been so beneficial in teaching me about black history. Fisk has a really good academics program with plenty of interesting classes related to almost anything.


My favorite class so far has been Intro. to Women Studies. My favorite because it teaches me about helps me appreciate the freedoms I take advantage of today. My least favorite are the core classes. I don't like them because they can be repetitive. However, I have learned to appreciate them. The students are not as competitive at Fisk. We are more like a family and tend to help each other out with classes we know are difficult for everybody. I am an English major which requires me to read and write on a regular basis. I like my major because I do not find myself as stressed about as the people that are science majors. Because Fisk is a liberal arts institution learning is geared toward learning for ones' own sake but getting a job is also emphasized when having private meetings with advisors.