Fisk University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life is pretty interesting on campus. The greeks have a lot of fun, but the do not completely dominate campus life. Our Greeks are pretty unique. They party through the week, but they are some of the smartest people on campus. Most of the fun on campus happens in the dorms, especially the Freshman dorms. Its really the first bonding experiences and thats how you develop so many memories and lifelong friendships. We have a lot of Convocations with notable guest speakers, sometimes notable alum such as Nikki Giovanni or Matthew Knowles. These are great networking opportunities too. Not many girls talk to guys on campus, simply because we are one big family and the guys are more like brothers. However there are a few power couples on campus. Most people have intercollegiate relationships with people at Vanderbilt or TSU. If you are looking for the big party school, this is not the institution. Don't get me wrong, Fiskites party hard, but alot of the students are more Afrocentric and like other forms of entertainment like concerts, bowling, salsa dancing, open mics, movies, or house parties. Just because there aren't parties on campus every week doesn't mean Fiskites don't go to one of the several nightclubs in the area. It IS a college town afterall!


There are not too many actives that happen on this campus but it's not boring. For the most part most of our students spend their time studying or hanging out with friends. There aren't too many parties on campus but some party during the weekend. We have a saying here at Fisk "we party hard, we stay up late, but most of all we graduate". It's not uncommon to walk down the hall and just walk into someone's room or to find a door unlocked. If you're awake at 2 in the morning on a Tuesday you're probably in the computer lab just "shooting the breeze". Fraternities and Sororities play a big role on campus but if you don't want to pledge it's not a big deal.


there are no actvities. The highlights if you will include the wack greek life, occasional music on the yard, nasty food in the caf., and a whole bunch of nothing.