Fisk University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The confusion every year between the Financial Aid and the Business Office, although it seems to be improving under our new president.


The worst thing about my school is the financial problem with the school.


The only thing is because this institution has been around for a while which means there are updates that have not been made in addition to some of the pests that have made it their home


The campus needs much rehabilitation and modernization. I would love wireless internet and a better dorms.


The worst thing about Fisk University is the dull student life. There is only one sport to choose from -basketball, and we are not exactly making the playoffs. Our student lounge is small and has only a an unsteady ping-pong table, big screen TV, and a worn pool table.


The worst thing about my Fisk University was the finance department. If I wasn't on top of my financial aid and scholarship information I would not have been able to attend school! I made copies of everything- every form I filled out and turned in to the financial aid office and continued to pester the office and finally they pushed my paperwork through! it was very frustrating!


The worst thing about my school is the lack of funding which my school receives. As a result of the lack of money that my college receives, there are not many activities that occur on campus. It is understandable that college is a place of learning, however it is also reasonable to say that college is a place of new experiences and enjoyment.


Students here have clearly been sheltered most of their lives and spoiled to the point where they wouldn't be able to handle life if any real problems ever came their way. Don't feel discouraged because you weren't able to afford nice things growing up and you aren't rich in college either. I feel as if I have the advantage over the wealthier kids because I know how to survive and I am above all else grateful for everything I've ben given in life and I've learned the true meaning of appreciation.


I think that my school is a great institution yet the the condition of campus is poor and the money thats donated seems to just disapear. Overall the professors are nice and understanding and try there hardest to teach substance. Its left up to the students to focus and retain.


There not being a football team.


The worse thing about this school would have to be the food in the cafateria.


FINANCIAL AID AND THE BUSINESS OFFICE!! Neither offices talk to each other, they mishandle your money, they're do NOT provide friendly and helpful service, and when you go to either office looking for financial help they give you the runaround, passing you back and forth between the two. And at the end of the day, you have made no progress in finding additional funds. Worse still, after not being helped by either of these offices, if you can't come up with any additional funds by the time they want it they will purge you from the systems!


The worst thing about Fisk University to me is the lack of variety in the food services and the sports programs. I believe if we are having to pay way more money to attend this institution than TSU that is right down the street, then we should have more than 1 food service provider and we should definantly have a better variety of sprots, not just basketball, baseball/softball and track.


they have no money do expand and provide technological tools.


The administration is disorganized