Fisk University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Because of its size, Fisk is truly a family. That is the most important feature of Fisk and every student contributes to that characteristic. Everybody speaks to everybody when walking past each other. If you ever meet another Fiskite, you instantly feel bonded to them, no matter how long ago they graduated. Fiskites look out for other Fiskites. In situations as simple as needing a ride to Wal-Mart, anybody is willing to help. If someone has a death in the family, it seems like the whole school is mourning with that student. On any given day, you can walk outside and see students chillin' on the yard or on the "Tree of Knowledge." Nashville is definitely a college town. Tennessee State (HBCU) is almost within walking distance and most students at Fisk have a lot of friends at TSU. There's also Vanderbilt in close proximity, as well as a bunch of smaller schools (Belmont, Lipscomb, etc.) . The most important thing is that Fisk is the type of school where either you absolutely love it or you hate it with a passion. So many students have expectations about how they want their college experience to be. Most of the students that come to Fisk freshman year expecting huge parties, wearing pajamas to class, getting lost in the crowd, and not having to excel in academics, Fisk is not the school for them. Luckily, they transfer their first year and Fisk is left with students that love the school and appreciate its legacy. Imagine a place where every person that is there WANTS to be there. It's great!


The best thing about Fisk is that it is very family oriented, it's a place where everyone know everybody and in a sense it can at times be too small. During the week there isn't much going on if it's not homecoming, election week, greek week etc.. so we tend study hard and party on the weekend, not like what you may see on tv with students partying during the week that just doesn't happen at Fisk. As far as the reaction I get from people when I say go to Fisk, it's all the same "well I hear it's a good school". We have a long tradition of producing some of the brightest minds and we are for the most part very ambitious.


This school is for LAMES!!! No one worth mentioning or remembering attends this school with its 500 attendees. If you're looking for the "college experience" you need to go somewhere else. . .immediately!


The Big Picture consists of Fisk being the breeding ground for African American scholars. This is true in every aspect. Fisk attracts some of the brightest minds the world has to offer. The size of the school is relatively small which is conducive to the family atmosphere that Fisk is known for. Some may think that Fisk is not a family, but family is what you make it. People generally call me a nerd or think that I am high class when I tell them I go to Fisk. That is not true. I am laid-back, quiet, and for the most part conservative (not in the political sense). The biggest recent controversy is the financial situation that Fisk is in. With the help of God, we will make it through. As W. E. B. Du Bois, one of Fisk's many distinguished alumnus, says we are "sons and daughters ever on the alter." As a result of the financial situation, school spirit and pride are at an all time low. Certain students in the student body are organizing to bring it up.