Fisk University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that attends Fisk is an open minded person who is ready to work and ready to be welded into a real woman or man. Fisk is a type of school that teaches a person how to be a real grown up with out even intended to do so. So anyone who attends Fisk must be ready for change in a positive way.


Fisk University is open to all types of students, however, the demanding work load and competitiveness for success may not be suitable for all students. Fisk's small population creates a family feel amoungst its students and faculty. This closeness grants the students to opportunity to actually meet and become familiar with their professors, which would be very difficult at larger universities. Students would prefer more accessibility to professors and smaller class sizes would be a prefect fit a Fisk University.


Someone who i movtivated and dedicated towards abtaining higher education


Some one who has goals in life that they intend on accomplishing, that enjoys meeting new people and learning about various cultures. Someone who is involved in there community and is a diligent worker.


The kind of person that should attend Fisk University is somebody who is open-minded and who has an interest in liberal arts


A person who is determined academically and mentally of obtaining their degree at a college. Someone who is focused on their work and won't let any distractions keep them from accomplishing their goal at that university. A person who won't let peer pressure keep them from doing their best in their classes. Someone who is very well-rounded and is involved in their school and community events. A person who can handle seeing the same people everyday throughout the school year, since the enrollment of students at that university are small.


Legacies, upper middle class African Americans, Baptist-practicing students, Methodist students


The type of person that should attnend Fisk University is someone of a goal oriented mindset. She must be keen on competing for the best grades internships and high academic standards. She should be able to balance her social life and academic career. She should be willing to make a difference in the community and give back to her dear Alama Mater once she graduates. She should be a firm lover of the history of our University and shall appreciate its legacy and impact on the world. She should be a proud African American who attends and loves Fisk University.


My school is not limited to any particular "type" of person. Anyone can fit in here. Despite the fact that Fisk is an HBCU, we are still very diverse in personalities, ethinic backgrounds, religions/beliefs, and our ways of life. But we are united in the simple fact that we are all gaining an education and want to do something with our lives to be successful in the future.


A conservative Chrisitan student interseted in music or biology.