Fisk University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is interested in social life and someone searching for fancy dorm rooms or common rooms


A person who is not coming to school to get an education. Or is afraid of hardwork. It is very hard to fail in my school so this person must be prepared to be pushed to be everything they can be. Someone who is lazy and is not sure of what they want for their future. And someone who does not want to embrace culture and tradition.


I personally believe almost any kind of person can attend Fisk University, except a person who doesn't want to be helped. If a person has deficiencies there are a multitude of programs to assist you. There are many instructors who have legitimate interests in your growth as a student and person. Therefore, the only type of student who should not come to Fisk is a student who does not wasn’t to be helped.


The kind of person who should not attend Fisk University is one who disagrees with core values of diversity, excellence, teamwork, accountability, integrity, leadership and services.


My school is typically know for saying "FIsk is not for everybody". This is absolutely correct. A person that came to school to participate in the large social activities or become a college party student and is not focused on academics would not typically be pleased with FIsk University.


The type of person that shouldn't attend my university is a lazy person who does not have goals and do not plan on accomplishing them. As well as a person that is not going to get toknow their teacher and do everything possible and beyond to pass on time.


There really isn't a student that shouldn't come to Fisk, only those that are not willing to try and better themselves.


persons who are open minded and academically motivated should not attend this unversity. persons who do not interact well with other also sould steer away from this university.


A person who likes to party all the time and does not take their education seriously should not attend this school. FIsk is not a party school


International students, Catholic Students, 1st Generation American Students


People who are very driven and have a higher respect for themselves and who really arent concerned with the best parties in town but even after all the bullshit they realize the education received here is one of a kind.


A liberal person with style, a sense of humor, wealth, and who is artisitic.