Fitchburg State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The majority of my classmates were traditional students whom entered college immediately after high school and most resided in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


My classmates at Fitchburg State University are very goal orientated. Being a prestigious teaching and nursing school, Fitchburg State University is known for their success rate in health related and early childhood learning programs. Most students are from the area in which the university is located, which proves that those who learn there are prideful and want to pursue their career in a way that benefits the local community. The student:professor ratio is 15:1, which enables each student to have hands on experiences in the classroom, as well as a close relationship with their professor.


You will me some of your closest friends at this school and it's because your new an so are they and everyone needs a friend. Sometimes this school is very boring but when you have amazing friends it gets better. People interact with each because of classes and parties. When people go to class they dress up, wear sweat suite , pjs and slippers you basically go to class as comfortable as you want. Everyone has different backgrounds and are from differnt place which makes living here interesting.


My classmates are my family.


Exteramly hard working and a strong willed women who will not let anything get in her way!


most of them worked hard and treid to acheive high grades, enjoyed coming to class and their interacton with the teachers.


My classmates are very helpful. If you ever need something you can always find one on facebook and they usually are more than willing to help.


At FSC students who enroll do not have a hard time finding thier groove. There seems to be something for everyone.


Quiet and sometimes outgoing


My classmates have been friendly and fun to be around. I like many of the people I have met and have made a lot of good friends in both good and bad courses that I have taken.


Some care about academics while others only care about having a good time.