Fitchburg State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How awesome my art professor is.


When I tell my friends about this school, I mostly tell them about the stories I have made with the friends I have at the school. I find it amusing and a way to entertain myself and others to tell stories that have been created in the time I have been here wheter they are stories on the basketball court, playing intramurals, or even events that have happened within the classroom. The friends I have made at school have been the best part of my college experience.


How nice the faculty and students are. Also that the classes are pretty small so that the faculty are able to learn each students name and face individually. There are plenty of advisors of all kinds if a student is in need of help. The Recreational Center is nicely put together and very clean. Overall, the school is just really nice.


Extracurriculars... it is easy to get involved and find activities which suit you.


the parties


The main things that I brag about my school are the affordibility, the quality of the professors, and the ability to get involved in clubs.