Fitchburg State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would have considered the location to be the worst thing about my school. FSU is situated in a low income city with a moderate amount of crime and poverty. Potentially the city has improved since my period of attendance.


unsure have not attended classes


The surrounding area is not so great, and there is not much to do in a close relative distance. Never go out alone.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the parking. The main parking lot is a big walking distance from the main campus but there are shuttles that go back and forth during certain hours of the day. Also, when there is inclement weather due to snow, the school only informs you of the parking lots that are closed and not of the ones you may park in during the storm. This is frustrating because only certain people can park in specific parking lots based on whether they are a commuter, resident, or freshman.


I just started last week and so far, in my experience there really is nothing that I can find wrong with this school.


The worse thing is the area that surrounds the campus.


I don't find anything bad about my school because, i love it


The surrounding area, it's very dangerous and sketchy at night


The worst thing about my school is probably the area. I love the school and the campus but the area just off-campus is not the best. I tend to avoid leaving campus at night.


I personally think the worst thing about Fitchburg State is the surrounding community. Fitchburg used to be a mill town so there is a lot of low income housing which has recently (as of the 70's and 80's) become attractive to gangs and drug using/dealing groups. The college has made a lot of progress by buying out most of the "bad houses" where most of the gang members lived. They built two new dorms and a state of the art rec center where the worst parts of the city once stood.


the amount of parking for commuters


There isn't anything wrong with the school. One drawback would be the location. Fitchburg does have it's ups and downs, but the college is located in a very safe neighborhood, with campus police always on watch.


Slow internet and lower quality video equipmet.


what i consider the worst is the community around it. it is not horrible about we hear more than we need to hear about things that are going on out there.


We need a bit more equipment in the film program. Some students get fucked because of equipment shortages, and that sucks. The equipment we do have is actually really rockin,' we just need more of it.


The weather can be brutal. We are up in high altitudes which is great for ski season. There are days when it is just too cold to walk across campus for a so so meal in the dining hall.


Parking for commuters. There is not enough on campus.


The worst things about my school is the on campus housing and dining hall food. Don't live on campus because the housing is limited and you will most likely get placed in a triple situation (you have two other roommates) and the dorms are lousy. They are dirty and not well kept. The dorms are also small. The food is not very good. The taste and variety is poor. The on-campus dining services do not do a good job providing students with a wide variety of food. Also the quality of food is lacking.


Student Safety from locals


I think the worst thing about my school is the construction. I mean, I am glad that they are trying to make improvements to the school, but they do it at the worst time. Instead of trying to do construction during say the summer when no one is on campus, they do it during the school year and waking everyone up at 7am. Also, they do it during classes and I think that may disrupt the classroom by making it difficult for the teachers trying to teach and the students getting distracted.


Often I have had issues with a couple of professors, whether not being able to understand him or her or not believing i received a fair grade.