Fitchburg State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell them that you should choose wisely. Thinking about college and actually attending college are two totally different things. College gives you alot of freedom and you should choose a school where their is not alot to interfer with your school work.


Visit the college before deciding that you will attend


BE considerate of the future. Many times students will choose a college and transfer within a year. The best feeling is when you finally get on campus and you are confident you have made the right decision.


The single most important peice of advice I can offer to someone starting college is to get involved on your campus! You may find yourself on a small rural campus of just a few thousand students, or a large campus in a big city, but no matter what, adjusting to a new place is a challenge. The absolute best thing you can do for yourself is to find campus-based groups that reflect your interests. Here, you will find like-minded people, and a place to belong. Most campuses offer a great assortment of these things. There are sororities and fraternities, sports teams and cliubs, religious organizations, and special interest groups... finding a place where you feel comfortable, and people with similar interests as you, will help you feel as thought you belong. You will find friends and peers to relate to, and gain the most out of your college career.


Start planning early for how you will pay for college. It's more expensive than you think. If you're bringing a vehicle to school, and will need that vehicle to get to work, make sure it's reliable. Buy your books on the internet, as the campus bookstore will have inflated prices with the exception of buying used books.


I would tell them to visit as many colleges as you like. Look them up on the Internet, thumb through college catalogs, and talk to students who already go there, but the most important thing to do, is find somewhere where you feel comfortable. When you are visiting a potential college, take one step onto the campus, and at that moment, you will know if it is right for you. It's like finding the perfect wedding dress or dream home. It's just something that you will know immediatley, before even going into any of the housing or buildings. Making the most of the college experience is again, whatever makes YOU comfortable. If you like sports, play them. If you want to study real hard and succeed with a 4.0, do it. Like to party? More conservative? Do whatever makes you happy. Don't feel like you need to conform to anything in order to have a great experience in college. College will help you find yourself, find friends you will have for life, and hopefully a career that you will be proud of! Wear your college sweatshirts with pride and just go for it!


Finding the right college or university can be challenging, especially if the student doesn?t know what he or she wants to major in. Some poignant advice I would pass onto prospective college students is to look everywhere and not just apply to one school. Find the school with the best surroundings, facilities, faculty and programs that best suit you. Every college and university will look at you as an individual and see the talents, personal attributes and achievements that will distinguish you from others. It is important to take advantage of every extracurricular and volunteer opportunity that comes your way. In college participate in as many extracurricular activities you can handle while always bringing a positive attitude. Having many jobs while in school can really bolster your resume and give you real-world work experience. College really is about making life-long connections; the friends you make in college could get you into a long lasting career after you graduate. That high school diamond in the rough will be cleaned up and polished into a bright shining adult that will enter the work world ready for anything.


First, I would say don't just go for the school with the big name. Then I would add that you should not let money keep you from the school you love. When looking, make sure to visit when courses are in session, a school might seem nice but the student body might not be the right choie for you.


factor in cleanliness and safety of environment first.


Finding the right college is really up to your own preferences. If you feel you would be better suited to a small school then thats where you should look. Most importantly, look into the programs that you are interested in. Find out which schools have the best programs, and which require internships. Find out which schools are respected by possible employers. For example, I knew quite a few people who were hired as teachers because the institution of Fitchburg State is highly respected.


In choosing a college you need to be comfortable with your surroundings. If you are not comfrtable you will not be as successful as you could really be. Always apply for scholarships in order to help pay for college loans canbe a hassle. For the student don't rush into deciding on a major you have time most people actually change majors half way through. So, there is no rush sit back and take it all in it goes by quickly. This will be the best time of your life!


Make sure that the enviorment the campus is on is okay with you or youll never be able to study!


Make sure you keep in mind where youre going to live and what life is going to deal you in the future. Don't jump into it.


The best advice that I can give to parents/students looking to find the right college is to visit every college that you are interested in and pick the one that you feel the most comfortable on. You will be staying there for the next 4 years and it will be the best years of your life. Get to know the administration and the faculty because those are the people that will be teaching you and it is good to be known through out the school. Also, visit a campus during the school semester because then you'll actually get the feeling of college life. When you see students walking around, ask them questions because those are the people that probably know the college best, and they are also the most honest. To make the most of the college experience, live on campus. You'll make new friends, join different clubs, and enjoy being yourself. You do not get the full experience if you live off campus. College is so much different then living at home. If you are not ready to go to college, do not force yourself to go. Go when you are ready.


The first advice that I would give to parents and students who are seeking the right college is don't panic. At times the process can be overwelming, but don't give up. Think through your options. Don't always assume that your first choice is the best for you. Throughout my college selection process, I changed my mind several times on where I wanted to go. This is normal. I have heard people advise others to not worry about how much a college costs, but I believe that it is a vital thing to consider. Unless you have major scholarships or family funds, attending an expensive school could leave you in debt for many years. To make the most of your college experience, I advise you to put your school work first. Jobs, friends, and social events are great but if they take up too much of your time they will hinder your academic success. And don't drink excessively; it can mess up your life. Get involved in what interests you. Get to know the professors in your major. Do your best.


I think that the best advice to give is to find a college in which you feel most comfortable. Where you can strive to be a better student and person. One where you can learn what you want to learn and not be forced to follow a strict education plan. Pick a college that you feel is somewhat depictive of yourself. Make sure you as a parent don't force your child into a school based on others opions or what you think is right. And as a student be able to have options and keep your mind open to diffrent things which will allow you to learn so much more and grow so much more.


The advice I would give to parents and students about finding the right college is to shop around. It's important to know what the individual is looking for and what would best fit their needs. Selecting the right college is like buying a new car. No one would buy the first car they see without checking out its features or taking a test drive first. Just because something looks good doesn't mean it will fit every lifestyle. Choosing the right college is an important decision. Academic success depends on choosing the right college and that choice will allow for making the most out of the college experience. However, making the most of the college experience is highly individualized. It is what you make it. Personally, I would recommend living at college. It truly allows for the best experience. There's nothing like being on your own for the first time and being responsible for yourself to really open up your mind and take it all in. College was the best time of my life and the choices I made along the way have made the experience all the while. Balance academics and fun and it'll pay off!


The first thing every student should do is find something that you love doing and pursue it. For me it was the art of Film which I have loved since I was very young, but for others it may be harder to choose. Examine your life and the things that make you happy and ask yourself what will make you happy in the future. My advise is to choose a school that has that thing you love, while also promoting a set of values such as scholarship, leadership, social exchange, the development of character, encouraging individuality and diffusing culture. We only have this one life and no one knows better than you on how to live it. Martin Luther King Jr. said "Intellegence plus character - That is the goal of true education."


fitchburg state college is well priced compared to a lot of other schools, and i know for me as a nursing major i am getting a great education for what i am paying for school. make sure when you look at schools you you are aware of the costs, but also ask about what is being done to improve the campus. if you want a party school go to u mass. its big and crazy. i like the smaller schools. just remeber a degree is a degree no matter what school you received it from.


Regardless of the school, you're going to get whatever you put into it.


Don't choice a school for its name. Just because it's a state school does not make you too good for it. You can get the same or better educational experience at any school. Visit schools go with the one that clicks for you best. You don't have to follow a family tradition this is your education make the best out of it. Just because it has a big name doesn't mean its the right place for you. Look at extra curriculars to and remember your going to be paying off these loans so dont pick an expensive school just because it has a big name. You can impress someone so much more with how well you succeed in the school you are in never mind in any fancy school.


I recomend so much investigation in all topic about universityes.And good luck...