Fitchburg State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would say the best thing about Fitchburg State University is the small class sizes and connection with the professors. The smaller class sizes gives professors the ability to establish a better rapport with their students with the advantage being both in the students and professors favor.


The best thing about fitchburg State university is that the cost of the school is about 7,000 a year for a commuter. It's helped my financially . I also love the environment at fitchburg! I like that it's a small university.


At Fitchbug I know that I am not a number. I recieve help and support form the faculty that I would not recieve at a large school. They have get connections throughout the state of Massachusetts and the nation and they are willing to help you achieve your goals. I feel as thought I, as a student, recieve a lot of respect because they know me by name and are willing to help me for any problem that I have.


The best thing about the school is that the teachers and advisors work very hard to match you up with the best possible internship. They do this because most places will hire their interns and your placement is very important.


The best thing about this school is the amount of support students show for their fellow students' endeavors. Students are eager and willing to collaborate on music projects, student films, plays and the like. There is a tight-knit arts community.


My college currently utilizes tremendous resources to support international education studies both at the school and its affiliates. (I'm presently applying to the London Metropolitan University via the college for the fall 2010 semester.) There's also ample opportunity to speak with foreign students on campus. This kind of program is crucial in today's growing global network to foster understanding and acceptance across borders and party lines. I've already declared a minor in international studies to pursue these areas because of the international education program. Really, I couldn't ask for a better way to learn.


The people, the faculty, and the programs dedicated to specific majors, specificially the Communications Media and Nursing programs. It is easy to adjust and make friends, and it is a safe place to live.


I enjoy the enthusiasm of the the professors. Many will engage you in a discussion outside of class. I have talked about politics with almost every professor I have had. Also, many of the professors offer internships and volunteer opprotunities.


I like the Quad in the Sping and Fall. I also love the communications depatment, I've learned a lot more than at a pervious school.


The professors are great!


I like my school because it makes me feel socially active. I like to sit in a classroom with about 25 kids and engage.


The location.


since i am in nursing, i think that my nursing professors are great and really are there for you helping you in any way they can. the nursing class rooms and lab rooms are great for hands on learning.


The film program, as well as the staff running it, is absolutely great. They are very knowledgeable verterans to the field who are more than willing to support and aid their students. My professors helped me every step of the way in building my own company.