Five Towns College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The best advice that i would give to myself is to stay true to yourself. In the time of hardship , think about what you are really in the running for. Id also bring up the struggle of my family. Id tell him to fight and never give up no matter how rigorous it gets.


If I ever had the ability to go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior, I would probably tell myself to relax. That there's no need to be nervous, I would make tons of friends. I would also tell myself to concentrate on my studies as much as possible, there is no need for parties when my schoolwork is my one and only priority as a student. I would keep telling me to just be myself, that I can do anything I put my mind to. In Five Towns College I feel safe to know that I am in good hands.


I would tell myself to never take out private student loans EVER. Those kind of loans will follow you and they give you no slack when it comes to paying them back.


If i went back in time, I would tell myself to focus more. Concentration is a skill needed for college. Another thing i would tell myself is to be more social. In college you must know how to communicate with others. The last thing is being more organized and give myself time. Organzation is a key to helping with studying. Also the use of time helps with creating yourself to not procrastinate as much and helps with getting all the work done.


I would tell myself to follow my dreams and go to music instead of biology. For as much as I love science, music has always been my passion. I would tell myself to go here sooner. For what I've learned so far Im 50x better at music than I ever thought I could be. I would tell myself to look into scholarships much much sooner because the thought of paying all this money back scares me because Im not sure how Im going to pay all of this back when I graduate. I'd would tell myself to value my education more back in high school because If I recieved better grades I would have gotten better scholarships going into college and I wouldn't owe so much money.


I would ask myself to study and meet the deadlines as soon as possible. If I could go back and be my high school senior self I would have studied more so more college can accept me, not only that, but colleges that accept more scholarships and have more to offer with activities. When I was a high school senior I didn't meet deadlines nearly as well as I do now because I thought I was quick enough and efficient enough to meet it. Deadlines were pretty tough to meet when it came to scholarships back then because my house was right around the corner and I had forgotten my college letters and my letters of reccommendations. Providing myself with more study time would have helped as well. Where I go to college it is pretty hard to seek scholarships and internships because the lack of scholarships there. I would be in a different position in life than where I am standing right now, and would have had a higher GPA to be admissable for more scholarships to come without having to worry about anything, but my college coursework. Right now I have to worry about more than that.


I would tell myself that procrastination doesn't cut it in college, things will pile up and that I'd feel like the world was ending. I'd also tell myself that going to every class that I signed up for is crucial, and without an education I'd make it nowhere, I'd be nothing. Without going to PCC now I'd be stuck in this little town of nothings. I'd say "Hey kid, do you want to end up like dad, 50 years old with no life, nothing to be proud of? Or would you rather make something of yourself, not to make your mom proud, not to make your dad smile, but to be proud of yourself."


To equally make sure you stay up and on top of your school and that you remember to go out and have fun with your college experience. Yes it is important to have good grades but you must remember that your college experience only comes once for every person so if you dont live it up, you're missing out! Go out and explore the fun college has to offer but remember to stay responsible and focused on your future as well!


If I could talk to myself in my high school senior year I would say to myself, " Start saving now my dear!". I would tell myself that everything you heard about college is true. It is a complete different world and a more independent world. Yes it is just as fun as they say between meeting new people and classes, but it also true about the expenses. I would tell myself to continue on the path of my academics and pay extra attention in economics class so that you know for yourslelf the tools to becoming financially literate.


I would probably, research my career interest more thoroughly, so that I know exactly what field i need to go into before spending money on some classes I did'nt need. These are things you're not taught in high school, not until you make a few mistakes you learn and become fully aware of exactly what you need ,and not what's put to you. I love college, I'm actually having fun learning. I have met the most gifted and creative individuals ever, we work together, help each other and is there for each other. I have the best friends ever in college, some of them is from the same high school and we choose to go to the same college because we have the same interest in music. Making the transition from high school to college was not as nerve racking as I thought, it was awesome, everyone was so friendly, including the staff, that you forgot this was your first day in college. To me it was exciting. My advice to myself would be to always do your homework before taking on a new venture.


Set your goals higher and in advance. Do not take no for an answer and if you really want it be the best at it


Want to make anywhere in life you have to have knowledge of the topic and its surrounding areas.


Having had the opportunity to try and make my own way after high school graduation in the work force prior to attending college, my advice would be to best describe the daily struggle I had experienced to try to make ends meet without furthering my education until now. It is a rough world, and the best preparation possible doesn't even guarantee you will be where you want to be. You need to meet the world with dedication, knowledge and the support of experienced individuals who have the benefit of guiding your path. Continuing an education in college is like having a short-term life preparatory course, with a large support staff, encouraging you to move forward, and assisting you to limit your mistakes. You can't get better than that!


Look outside of new york


Pick a campus where you feel at home. If you ever feel the need to transfer to another program, do so.


To the parents: this is your childs experience, let them choose the right college for themselves. Even if you feel it is not the fit let them make that decision so that they don't look back and say I should have went there instead of here. To the students: If the first college is not a good choice for you it is ok to tranfer until you find the right one. Always look to the future not the past and get involve with the community it will enhance your experience.


Do your research and check out the school, get a feel for it before you actually spend half your life going there.


When you child graduates college , you will do anything to make sure that he/she receives the best college education for an afforable price , right ? Well my college is a private college and is very expensive . However there are programs such as HEOP who assist low income families by paying for the students education . So make sure you try to find many scholoarships , and grants possible before sending your child away . Whe n your child goes away to college make sure that you stay in contact with them , via phone, email , and mail . YOur child will feel appreciated and loved , and also know that you love is everlasting miles away . Remember to give you child some sense of independence , becaus eyou don't want to overload them with love . Parents will always be upset when their child doesn't get high grades or is have difficulty in class :so give them advice and let your child know that you are there for them even if you don't understand the material . All in all do research about the college , even if your child already did and let them know that they are an adult .


Students should really consider what they're interested in, and what they want to do after college. Find a college with majors that you like and that will help you succeed in your goals after college.