Florence-Darlington Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First I would say “Tamika, don’t take time off after graduating, go straight to college. Trust me on this one, because in the 21st century you will need a degree to get just about any job. Next make sure you study hard and make a difference. Don’t settle for the norm, stand out and get noticed. Apply for scholarships early and make sure you talk advantage of your guidance counselor they are here to help you with choices. “Tamika” I hope you are listening the next piece of advice is extremely important. You know that job you have at the donut shop? Great job becoming an assistant manager so young but don’t let that go to your head please!! Save some money for a raining day, because college is expensive and having stress of how you will pay for it will take away from your studying. Also don’t forget to set goals and make plans about what you want to obtain with a college degree. Last bit of advice is to remember to enjoy life and always keep God first and things will work out.


The best advice I would give is to buckle down and get serious about school and the wonderful opportunities that are afford. Stay focused on the books and study to actually learn the material not just memorize it. When you actually know something and it just pours out of your mouth at a later date.....well, the feeling you get on the inside is just wonderful. Getting and maintaining an education is something that you can call your very on and nothing and no one can take it away. When your educated and confident about yourself and what you know and have to offer.....the sky really is the limit.


If i were to go back and time and give myself advice I would definately tell myself to pay more attention to the teachers. College life is fun but if you have to much fun you can get in to a lot of trouble. I would also tell myself to stay away from the chic fil a counter because you sure don't want to put on the freshman fifteen. Beside all of that I would tell myself that college was a little freighting at first, and a lot different from Highschool, but just remember that it's all apart of becoming a better person and growing up to have a career and not just another job.


Take school serious, life is not a game.


If I were able to tell myself advice my senior year because I know what I know now, I would tell myself to make all A's, study hard, and by most of all take the SAT or ACT. I came into college thinking I didn't have to study as hard and thought wrong. I would have taken the classes that could have been credited for my first year in college. I went into college and didn't do so well and decided to take off a year.