Florida Atlantic University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are fun, respectful people who want to make the most of their learning opportunity while helping others.


My classmates are very determined and hardworking.


The majority of the students in my current school are younger than me. There are extremely intellegent but have the common sense of a horse fly. It seems as though a vast majority of them are almost unwilling to have their minds venture out of Florida. It boggles my mind that they do well on the test but spend most of their time on their cell phones and contradicting the professors.


Had the potential to be very helpful.


Ready for the weekend.


They seem to be nice and respectful.


Like I said above, I am an online student so the student interaction is very low. When I have been required to work in groups, I feel my fellow students are eager to do well and want to learn. The work load is always divided fairly and my group has always done well.


My classmates are smart, engaging, compassionate and friendly.


An ambious group of less than 400 who are either antisocial, and genius IQ, or very social, smart, and have excellent leadership abilities. The school is very much so a social experiment, being the smallest in the country.


Every school has different people around campus. I have a mixture of classmates; there are those that are hardworking and serious, then there are those that are fine with getting by with C's and D's. There is an equal mix at my school.


My classmates are working as hard as I am to get graduate college


There was a large sense of diversity here, which I loved it. It provided for a loser learning environment.


A reliable set of people who come to class in their pursuit of a degree.


My classmates at FAU motivate me to be the best possible self I can be.


My classmates are friendly and smart, and they are mostly white male


My classmates take the subjects in class seriously. If you ask a question, 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time you will get a nice response. Students are friendly but tend to keep to their own circle of close friends


I have yet to start at Florida Atlantic University. I will begin classes this Fall 2012. So far my experience at Florida Atlantic University, in working with the administrative staff, has been very rewarding.


The classmates I find myself surrounded by at Florida Atlantic University tend to be a little on the snob side and arent very open and inviting.


A melting pot of different cultures and experiences that bring a unique experience to the classroom.


I would describe my classmates as very motivated and hard working students. There are obviously people who do not try and just get by, however in my courses, most of the students try very hard to get the best grades they can get.




My classmates are determined to reach their goals and very helpful to others in need.


My classmates were very welcoming.


My classmates are quiet, friendly, and focused.


Students at FAU are extremely diverse in every aspect of life. The best part of such a diverse atmosphere is everyone interacts and builds off of one another. Students wear everything from pajamas to high heals, it is very laid back whatever one feels like wearing is accepted. I don't think any type of student would feel out of place at FAU there is always something for everyone and any type of person. Politically active students vary but there is always respectable attitudes toward one political view or the other; which, enriches the learning environment.


The students at FAU are from all walks of life, as the local area is very diverse; but even transfer students and those from other states come to FAU for study. There is a friend for everyone, although you won't find it hard to make friends with even those outside of your usual culture groups. The people here are generally very open to new ideas, the way any college should be.


Our groups are very open minded and understanding. Not many students can feel out of place here at FAU, especially with our new LGBTQA resource center that houses all of those who do not wish to be labeled and have them imposed on their lives. We have so many students with diverse interests that can easily get along. We do have frats communicating with intellectuals at the table next to me and we have professors encouraging our fellow students to learn and grow over a slice of pizza. Students are encouraged to and motivated to learn, grow, and succeed.


Students at FAU range. Everyone from all different walks of life, show up. We had 98 year old graduate to 18 year old. We have every minority group, they all have organizations or clubs affiliated with them. Therefore you're always learning about one another. like i said you can have extremely rich kids with their Mercedes and kids who catch the bus. I don't think any student can feel out of place because their is variety at the school. in class you will seem sleep wear outfits, to crazy green men running around, to the corporate lifestyle. many of the kids that go to FAU have some type of financial assistance or are putting themselves to school which is admirable. there are so many things on campus like Occupy Wall Street: FAU chapter. Then you have rallies, political debates, guest speakers like the Dal Lama, and of course concerts. The school has events for everyone, and that's why a lot of students decide to stay.


My class mates are unique, creative, funny, caring, and like famly, always avalble to give a hand.


All of the different groups on campus are welcoming and want you to feel like you belong there or like you are an honoree member. The only kind of student that might feel out of place is one who does not wish to be a part of anything. Most students wear a t-shirt and jeans or sweat pants. Almost all of the students in a class interact at some point and intermingle outside of the class from that point on. FAU is a financially diverse school there are those who are there on scholarship and those who are there without scholarship. However the majority of the student body seems to be an independent or a democrat but none of the students talk about what they will earn one day, just the career that they hope FAU will provide.


There are a few different campuses at FAU and each campus has a different feel. At the Jupiter campus, students often fit in with no problem- no one question LGBTQ or race and just accepts people. While there are less minority students at the Jupiter campus, the Boca and other campuses are known for having one of the largest minority admissions rates for FL. I've seen PJ to suits and everything in between depending on the time of day and what else the students had to do that day. Most students are from FL, but there is something like student from over 30 different countries too. Some students are politically active- and beware if you are more conservative be prepared to have your views dissed by the students but supported, yet challenged, by the professors.


The students at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College are extremely motivated and driven. They are very proactive and supportive. My Freshman year there were an ample amount of study groups in each subject and everyone really tried to help each other out. There are MANY different organizations on the campus, I believe over 50. Since there are only a total of around 400 students in the Honors College, that is a pretty large amount of student organizations. The students are primarily from the state of Florida, since it is a state school, but we have representation from around the country and world. The students are very politically active also- during presidential debates, news teams would occasionally come to our debate watching parties to see what we thought.


There are so many different types of students at FAU. I am a christian, and thankfully there are a lot of religious organizations there, so I can connect with some people of the same faith. There is a club for just about every faith. There is even a whole Jewish center that even has Shabbat services. FAU also has a variety of people. We have the political people. the sorority people, the environmentalists, the videogamers, even the rope climers. If you have a passion, most likely other people are there to share it.


Loud, imformative, helpful.


There are many different types of students at FAU! We have a high percentage of minorities, but we have students from all walks of life! Although this may be intimidating at first, it is truly a blessing to have so many people from different walks of life. Learning to deal with others from different races, cultures, social classes and places is an important part of education and that is something you will definitely get at FAU! Like most colleges, most students lean slightly left politically, but we have both a College Republicans club and a College Democrats club. These two clubs have debates and events together and apart. FAU also has a great LGBT community. LGBT students should feel safe and welcomed here both by professors and other students. We have a great organization for both LGBT students and straight allies alike, and several professors who I know have safe zone stickers or equality stickers on their office doors. These professors will always welcome students who are struggling with their sexuality or gender identity.


My classmates are hardworking and tightly knit.


Make friends wisely, many are not concerned with your wellbeing.


My classmates are really helpful, when you feel left behind or don't get the lesson, there is always someone there to help you.


FAU students are very diverse, friendly, and everyone can longboard.


My classmates are extremely diverse; they are from all over the world and each with their own culture.


My classmates are extremely dedicated and devoted to education and teaching.


The majority of my classmates strive to learn and enjoy the school, while a select few tend to slack on their school work and not may attention.


I was very fortunate to have classmates that came from all walks of life. Each person throughout the program was able to provide different experiences that they had endured to the classroom setting for each of us to learn. Each class was small, giving the students the time to get to know each other and learn from each other.


My classmates are people who work well together, dispite the difference in age and future goals.


My classmates are great. They focus on their assignments and make sure that they finish everything and understand what they are doing. They work hard on things that they are not very good at. That way they are able to balance out the things that they want to become successful in. They do not cause anyone else to fail. They just work for succession.


When you being to attend FAU make sure you are prepared for the diverse populace of students that attend. Make sure to keep a positive outlook on life, because everyone around you will notice. College is easy if you take the time to prepare yourself and set your priorities straight. It is easy to become overwhelmed with clubs, friends and other social activities, but don not get caught up in the excitement! Focus on school and studying because failing is not an option.


Due to my major the majority of my classmates are males. They are also very studious and drive to make something of their lives. My classmates are intelligent and have their priorities in line allowing them to know exactly what they want out of life. Because an engineering degree is so tough my classmates have a knack for time management. We spend hours upon hours in the Engineering Building at all hours of the night doing homework. As members of the FAU engineering department my classmates are friendly, open-minded, driven, ambitious, and intellectual.


My classmates were very enthusiastic about their education.


The classmates at my school are very diverse.


Classmates are eager in political affairs. They are fast-paced and headstrong to get involved in real-world activities. They are kind, generous and polite most of the time. The offer assistance when available. The commune well together in group/ activities.