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we all treat each other the best way possible.


My school has the number one ocean engineering program in the school. It is by the Atlantic Ocean and we all try to do our best to help each other out and pass our classes. The professors care about their students and will try to help then in any way that they can. Florida Atlantic University strives to take care of everybody and their needs.


This school is very diversed and since the school size is smaller than other schools, there are more interactions between teacher and student. FAU is, also, one of the cheaper schools in Florida.


the classes that the school offers is relly good. And the teacher style is different, I learn more in the class rooms.


Florida Atlantic University became my choice when I realized I did not want to be far away from home. Even though it is an hour away I got to experience the best of both worlds. Florida Atlantic University is very diverse and being foreign like myself it is always a great feeling to meet people that have the same life experiences and values as you.


This school offers a marine biology. It is five minutes from the beach and from the mall. There is lots to do in the area, and its pretty layed back and nice. The weather is beautiful and the people are very friendly.


is beautiful


Its less than a mile from the beach, the ople are nicer and the food is amazing


It is slowly going from a commuter school to a residence school. We will have our first, brand new, on campus football stadium in Fall 2011!


I choose Florida Atlantic University because it has my major for both BA and MA. I think that this is important because I dont want to be switching schools every few years. Also FAU is local so I can go to work and school and it not be a hassel. FAU is a beautiful school. Also FAU is a diverse school, you can find people from every nationallity. FAU is different from other schools because it makes you feel like home; Most of the students at FAU come from your local hometown.


I have previously attended two different four-year universities, University of Phoenix and Nova Southeastern University. Therefore, I will base my answer on a comparison between these schools and FAU. The difference that stands out between these two schools and FAU is simple: variety. At NSU and UOP, you were not able to find a variation of cultures, people and interests. You had limits; there were not a vast amount of activities, clubs or organizations as there are at FAU. Also, the college campus here at FAU is much more spacious and bigger than NSU's and OPU's.


Whats unique about Florida Atlantic University compared to other schools is its small and big campus feel.


The tuition is less and I already have friends from high school.


Florida Atlantic University has the adademic program I have been looking for.


My school (Palm Beach State College) has just been created into a State college as of January 12, 2010. It is very diverse and you are recieving more professor - student attention and help. It is a small campus to it is easy to memorize and it reduced that chance of getting lost.


My school may not be as "popular" as others, but I consider FAU to be a great college with great professors. My school is currently expanding and providing even more opportunities for its students. FAU has an interesting wildlife also, having huge iguanas around campus is the norm. There are many clubs and organizations on campus, and although FAU is not as ancient as other colleges, this school has a great history already and will continue to leave its mark in the future.


Allows degrees up to Master's level


What I find unique about my school that I attend is that most students are commuters. It is not like a tradition university where most students live on campus. I believe that Florida Atlantic University like an upscale community college. Most students only attend the university because it is close their home or because they need to get their Associates degree so that they can attend a different university.


FAU is a special school to me because I have everything I need to succeed in the same campus. I have places to eat, to workout, a nice library with extended hours and a nice, friendly environment. FAU is just the best school for me.


It is a really communitive school.


Beaches are not far from the campus at all and Miami is only 45mins aways.


FAU is a commuter school, and not many kids live on campus.


very out door, alot of diversity and everyone gets a long and integrates fairly well compared to other places, great amount of physical activities to do, small enough to get involved easily but still big enough to not know everyone


The classes are easy


The dorm rooms are very nice! I really enjoyed staying in the dorms and getting to know people that way.


The most unique thing about my school I have chosen is its geographically near my home. However, the opportunity to be in the tropical summer enviroment all year round, makes it inviting to future students. The school is very serious and capable of offering everything one needs to succeed.


The Professors and wonderful and this is the first school that I have attended that it really does feel like college


The size is just right.


It's in sunny south florida.


FAU is located in boca raton, fl. It's considered to be in the middle of being a city and being a suburb. It is conveniently located in a center place to get to the mall, beach, a variety of places to go out to eat, and/or to go out night. It is also a very safe place, compared to other schools I have considered. Its an easy place to adapt to.


The school is close to the beach and offered an architectural program that I was intetested in.


The size, I go to the Honors College of FAU and there are only 300 and something students that live on campus.


My school is unique due to the diversity and friendly nature of the professors, students, and campus staff. This makes being on campus a more enjoyable learning experience.


It has the largest minority graudation rate. It is closer to my home. It has a good political science and sociology department. It allows me to use a state scholarship in its totality.


FAU has a nice campus and it's closer to home.


One aspect that is unique about Florida Atlantic University is that it is a commuter school along with a university that houses many students from out of state. Boca Raton, Florida is a gorgeous area to dwell in so people who currently live here do not want to leave and others from up north want to experience our beautiful weather. Florida Atlantic is practically a melting pot for everyone.


It is close to home, close to the beach, and I love the city it is in.


What is unique about this university is that it is not even two miles from the beach and it still has lots of room to grow. This university also is just getting started with it's football team and is in the process of building a football stadium.