Florida Atlantic University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Ballroom and the medical club


Depending on your decision, some think that fraternities and sororities are the most popular while others join multicultural groups and clubs that fit their interest, like religion or chemistry. Some students leave their doors open in dorms but it depends on the relationship between the other people living around them. Depending on the event and which speaker is currently there depends on how many people show up. For Obama and the Dali Lami, there was large groups but for some I know get only a few. People party often not as much on campus but they still party. On saturday nights, I usually go fishing but there are many activities that don't involve drinking, going to the movies, cooking classes, mall, bowling and many others.


I am the president of Lambda United, the LGBTQA activist group on campus, which is now the most popular and active group on campus according to the University Press. Our groups gather many intellectual and inspiring speakers and our groups encourage the students to become friends and make all kinds of connections. Many students do party, but many students also have successful and fun study groups. This campus provides the opportunity to meet all sorts of people and you can easily run into friends more often than not just by walking down the hallway. It is also a safe campus where students can leave their dorms open with no worries.


On the Boca campus there are many Greek organizations that are active, but cross campuses, the Residential Student Association is the most active and well known student run organization (besides student government). Following that is the Corn Maya club which works with local immigrants as the Environmental club. Most student leave their doors unlocked in the dorms- even the outer doors sometimes- people are generally friendly and open to communication. They just built a new football stadium on the Boca campus, and a new student life is forming around that stadium. Students are still active around the basketball team, more so than football even!


There are many popular activities and groups at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College. The Premedical Society, MacRSA, Spectrum (LBGT), Owlettes (Dance Team), Musically Inclined Club, Players Club (music), Debate Team, Enviro club, and fencing club are some of the popular ones that come to mind. There are programs and activities that the school provides daily and there is a brand new amazing football stadium that was recently built in Boca, which gives us the opportunity to participate in traditional college events.


There are so many things that people tend to do on campus. People can go to the movies, boomers, the mall, even the fair if it is open. There are also some events on campus such as concerts, dance club, and video game tournaments at Coyote Jacks. I am not a drinker, and thankfully there are a lot of things we can do that does not involve drinking. As for the dating scene, it varies from person to person. Of course you have the people that change their boyfriends/girlfriends as often as they change their underwear, but you also have the people that have been in long standing relationships for years. Make sure to make known what type of relationship you want from the start of any relationship. You dont want to lead someone on the wrong direction.


Math clubs, sports clubs, chess clubs, asian, african, many kinds of clubs on campus. I was not involved in clubs other that intramurel football. Many students left their dorm doors open, everyone is dorm halls were friendly with one another. Athletic events were not very popular due to no stadium. I was not involved in theatre nor did I pay any attention to it. If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday I would probably be watching a movie, playing video games, or just hanging out with my dorm friends. I met my closest friends through classes, dorms, and other friends. One tradition was a barbeque and music saturdays in the center of cmapus, everyone would just go hang out outside, eat, dance, hang out. Frats and sororities were not very popular at all at FAU although there were some. Parties were somewhat rare because many people commuted, but like any college, you could find a party any given night if you really wanted to. On weekends I usually hang out at a buddies apartment off campus, and if not drinking we would be just hanging out watching a movie or playing video games. Off campus we would go to the beach, go out to eat, play sports.