Florida Atlantic University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Florida Atlantic University always has professors that email you back in a timely fashin. I never have to worry about communicating with any of my professors.


The professors are amazing.


I often bring up that I admire the small class sizes and the unique learning opportunities that come hand-in-hand with it. For example, I enjoy having a more personable relationship with my professors. I have experienced benefits when some professors got to know me, my interests and my goals along with each other classmate. I often times have witnessed professors adapt teaching strategies and assignments based on the way the smaller group interacted so openly with each other in discussions. I also didn't mind being pushed harder on assignments because my professor knew my capabilities.


The campus is amazing. It is absolutely beautiful and incredibly close to one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen.


Everyone holds the door open for you at FAU, and I mean that literally. In addition, the campus itself is physically beautiful and spacious. To be perfectly honest, I don't like to "brag" about FAU. To brag about FAU would make me feel pompous and entitled, and perhaps the friend would feel that I'm being arrogant about my enrollment at this University. I don't take any pride in putting friends down, intentional or unintentional, through bragging about my own circumstances. Hence, I avoid bragging about my position at FAU.


I brag about the variety of clubs my school has. I found several clubs that I have interest in like archery, jewelry making, and anime club.


I brag most about the location and weather at FAU; There is never a dull moment when you live in summertime all year 'round!


It's is really big with a majority of classes to choose from and they have popular restuarant branches in the food court. There are a bunch of things to do every day and the people working in the school are super friendly. There are different languages and courses that are sure to hold the interest of anyone that attends and students from other schools come to visit all the time. Also the library is great and the hours are fit for any student's busy schedule.


The FAU campus is beautiful and the people are very friendly.


I usually brag to my friends about how diverse FAU is. It's great to indulge in the various cultures presented on campus, I really lucked out! I also like to brag about how close it is to home. I get the whole 'college experience' yet if need be, I can easily go back home (30 minutes away). FAU is very welcoming in the sense that its so multicultural, no one feels alone.


I learned alot and was able to work full time and still go to school at night.


The clasroom don't make you feel like a number. There is and actual sense of a one on one environment.


When I dicuss my university with friends who do not attend FAU, I inform them that the university isn't mainly about the beautiful beaches that are close by or the parties/events that are offered but it is more about the rich diversity that you see on campus. The most important and exciting fact about FAU is the various shool organizations that the school provides. It does not matter if you commute or live on campus, there is something fun for everyone that fits schedules and builds a better foundation for the school and the students.


I could finish it in 3 years instead of 4, we had a few amazing professors Gina Carreno and Jamie Price


It's great to be a sports fan here. We have a very young yet successful football team. It may not look substantial compared to the larger schools in Florida, but it is the most successful program of its age. Also, many people are not aware of this, but we have a fantastic hockey team that is talented and fun to watch. Our coach is a former NHL player and I cannot describe how fun it is to watch them play.


I would probably mention how well I'm doing there. I get straight A's : )


The activities going on around campus almost everyday is extraordinary! The gym is amazing as well. I am so gratful to have such a clean and well maintenced school..


the amount of differnet degrees


The campus is exquisitely beautiful. Due to the countless trees, the lakes, the green grass, and the nice weather; sometimes I don't feel like going home.


How interesting the courses and professors are and the flexibility of scheduling courses that are required


Were only five minutes from the beach and have great weather year-round. There a lot of activities both school-related and non-school related. The atmosphere and personality of the school is very welcoming and friendly. We also have a wide range of colleges and programs to study here. We are in close distance to many big cities and attractions. We also some really cool (and harmless) wildlife on campus that you pass on your way to class and can be kinda cool to look at.


As a commuter student, being on a campus with unfamilar people can be daunting. However, students from all over the world are able to share a common past time; going to the beach. FAU's proximity to the beach and diverse student body have truly made my freshman year memorable.


My professors are mostly progressive and welcome my participation as an out gay man who is married to my husband, even though marriage is not officially recognized in any capacity in Florida yet. They teach the students to be open and accepting of diversity and to challenge traditional thinking, even though the board of directors of Florida Atlantic University are some of the most conservative people in Florida.


When I tell my friends about school I brag about how close the school is to my home and the ease of classes.


When it comes to Florida Atlantic University, no matter where your from or how you look you would fit right in. As a freshmen I noticed very quickly that the people of FAU are kind, humble, and always there to help. Whether its the school staff or fellow peers, everyday brings a new, smiling face to meet. If your looking to go to school in a friendly and nurturing environment, then my school is one to definitely consider.


The one thing that i brag about Florida Atlantic University to my friends would have to be the great resources that the school offers. Teachers are willing to teach one on one and are always there is I or anyone else has a concern about the material being covered during their office hours . i also tell my friends that there are wonderful programs for different majors. Teachers also make the testes simple by handing out study guides and posting powerpoint online. FAU makes learning easy and simple.


I mostly brag about how my school not only have big classes with 1-3 hundred students, but that FAU has mainly small classes consisting of 20-30 people. I also brag about how the food at my college is not only healthy but it is tasty, and good to eat and does not consist of a lot of fast food.


When i tell my friends about my school, I brag about the cheap price and the location of it. The school I go to is very close so I don't have to spend money living on campus, I can just drive back and forth. Plus, the tuition is the cheapest tuition in the state besides a community college...




Its close to home, so i save on housing.


How easy it is for me to build up a schedule for my degree that is easy for a commuter student to work with and yet still flexible enough to allow time for an easy job and lots of study time.


the art program is very good, the teachers are amazing.


The fact that the school has a three to one ratio of females to males. So for every 1 guy there will be 3 girls. But other than that just all the things i have learned and learn about on a daily basis.


I enjoy the location, and how close it is to I-95. I like how it offers a wide range of areas of study. I love the program I am entering and how conveniate it is for my career and the speciality's it offers for the science program. I love the campus.


The staff is wonderful and does their best to help in any way possible. They always are looking out for what is best for you, especially in the college of education. The professors, for the most part, are very concerned with your well being as well and will help you as long as you seek their help. None of the professors will intentionally fail you, and will always try to get your grade as high as possible without cheating you.


I brag about the thinds that I have learned.


The campus and classrooms are up to date and the weather is great! The workload is not overbearing and professors make it easy to learn while it is still challenging. Students are friendly and willing to help others. They offer classes at many different times so it is easy to have a schedule you prefer.


The weather is great. Its laid back and fun.


I brag about the school high academic achievements. The fact that the school spend a lot of money to promote social justice.


I get great grades.


The campus is not too big and it's not too small. I love the people and the class sizes.


There is always an event or activity going on!!!


i mostly brag about the area that my school is located in. boca raton is a very welthy area and kids love to hear that and alos the fact tha is it close to the beach and only 45 minute away from miami.


That we are only about five blocks from the beach.