Florida Atlantic University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Florida Atlantic University?


A person who is serious about their school work. The teachers are tough but fair. A person who wants to get a great education and learn the most to further their future in the career they want.


A focused individual that is friendly and likes to make the best "bang fot his/her buck."


Someone who wants an education and not a party


A student considering attending FAU, as in any college, should be well researched on the strengths of the academic program they are planning on entering. Some examples of the areas a student should look into before deciding to attend FAU is the strength of their chosen program, the theories and teaching strategies of the faculty within that program, class sizes, along with the rate of sucessful graduates and job placement.


Fau use to be thought to be an "easy" school. However, they have raised their standards and it is beoming a harder school to get into. I think FAU is a well rounder school. There are plenty of clubs and sports. I would say a person who likes to party should find a different school to attend. FAU is not a big party school, nor is it a huge alcohol and drug school. It is a good school for people considering being in the health, law, business, and fine arts ares.


A very time savvy person should attend FAU, as well as any college. Having good time management is important when leaving what you have been used to your entire life. A steady work regime and knowing how to provide and keep your head in the game is something you will need here to succeed.


If you like the beach but won't get distracted you will be a good fit. Don't get too distracted with the activities off campus because a lot of things go on. If you like meeting crazy new and different people and are outgoing then you will be fine. If you aren't, there are plenty of opportunites to meet new people without having to be outgoing.


Florida Atlantic University has different people from different backgroud both racially and socially. There is not a "typical student" that attends FAU but it is rather expensive, so the student should be dedicated to their studies and want to suceed.


I think somebody who loves the south florida scene and is laid back definitely belongs here. We are located less than four miles away from the beach and close to major cities such as West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. However, with that its also important that if somebody comes to this school, they must be focused. There are a lot of fun things to do in leisure time, but its a University and there is a lot of work to be done as a student. For this school, you want to have fun but be focused.


A person that is dedicated to getting a great education and is open minded should attend this school. FAU has a lot of opportunities to allow a student to grow mentally, physically, and socially.