Florida Atlantic University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Florida Atlantic University?


Anyone who is ambitious and able to go somewhere else.


Anyone who is not open to a variety of cultural experiences and/or different races of students. Also, anyone who is easily distracted or not very focused on academics. The weather and easy access to beaches can tempt you to disregard your studies.


Someone who is looking for an easy way out


Everyone should attend this school, there is no kind of person. If you are a person who goes by a moral code and have a conscious


A person who does not focus on trends, brands or what is popular.


One who is unoraganized, un-friendly, unhappy and displeased with life.


I believe the type of person that should not attend Florida Atlantic University, is someone who is looking for either the "big" college experience (ie. fraternity row, huge football games, etc.). Our football games and greek life is good, however, there are much better schools to go to if you are looking for that experience. I would say FAU is small to medium sized.


I think all students should be able to attend this school.


A person that should not attend my university (FAU) would be someone close-minded. As previously stated my university is very diverse and what we do not need is any narrow-minded individuals. Also someone that is not serious about their education should not attend this school, because they would be wasting their time. FAU is very efficient when it comes to due dates, being on time, etc.


Florida Atlantic University is a very diverse school. One would say people of all ages, races, and social preferences at the school are very happy. Everyone socially and academically, so anyone could go to Florida Atlantic University and very much so succeed. Everyone is very welcomed. If one was to not enjoy a sunny humid environment, the area of Boca Raton would not be of preference for a student with no liking of very sunny; sometimes rainy days.