Florida Atlantic University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish i knew that the school was not very diverse.


I wish I had known that people care more about the beach than they do about getting a decent education.


What I wish I would've known before I came to FAU is that this school is actually challenging. In the neighborhood that I grew up in FAU was always thw school noone wanted to attend. Primarily since it was so close to home. But since being at FAU i learned that college is nothing to play with. That I was no gping to be spoon fed the entire time. It was a major adjustment seeing that a lot of friends went to community college first. It was a trying experience but a good one nonetheless. I wouldn't stop.


How to write professional. Plus more about university life


I wish I had known how different college is from high school and how important it is to save money. I want nothing more to become a nurse and therefore am taking very challenging courses. My GPA is not flattering and I hope to improve it as well as save money because I do not receive an allowance and just lost financial aid. I will not quit in pursuing my goal to be a nurse however, money is just tight.


There's a lot of things I wish I had known. I wish I knew which classes I needed to take for an AA degree. I wish I knew how expensive it would be. I wish I knew how to get financial aid. I wish I knew how much beauracracy and red tape I'd have to deal with. Frankly, I'm still learning a lot of these things even now.


I wish I had a better understanding of the entire higher education system through graduate school so that I could plan a bit better for my graduate school career.


I wish I was more aware of Scholarships that FAU had to offer. When you decide you're going to college to pursue a career you know that the cost will be high. Therefore, I would have appreciated if I were more informed. Many times students come into a university somewhat lost and not knowing what to expect. If students were guided and instructed on what steps to take to alleviate the high cost of classes, I'm sure the number of prospective students and graduation rates would increase.


I wish I knew that the summer term was on me to pay.


I wish I would have realized how expensive it was so I could save up. I would have also liked to have known that the majority of classroom sizes are rather large but the professors are always great when speaking to them with a problem.