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Florida College requires each of its students to take bible classes alongside of the courses relevant to their major. The rules and standards that are applied to the students are made in order to encourage a Christian lifestyle, which is why I, as a Christian, chose to enroll at Florida College.


my school does not have many students in my classes. it is usually small class sizes so you learn well and teachers gets to know you. the classes that have the biggest class sizes are my Bible classes. we have those classes in one of our auditoriums. my school only has about 500 students so you get tto know everyone. by the end of the year you know every faculty, staff, and students at school. the students you meet at school end up becoming really great friends with you that you will always have for the rest of your life!


It is small, so there are fewer kids in each class. The professors care about you and take time with each student. The majority of students live on campus and are from out of state. Because it is a small school there are more opprotunities to be involved in more things.


Because of Florida College's small stature, it offers unique opportunities other schools don't like personalized curriculum and a familial campus. The classes at Florida College are smaller than most schools, and this lends to a more comfortable atmosphere in the classroom, prompting you to ask questions vital to your education, get involved in class discussions, and cultivate personal relationships with the teachers and fellow classmates. Because of the intimate nature of the student body and the faculty, the college is more like a big family than a school, and that's what makes Florida College unique.


My school is only made up of a little over 500 students and is a private Christian college. This makes my school perfect for me because I learn much better in smaller class sizes and in the type of environment that Florida College provides, I have made so many new friends who have the same beliefs as myself. My college has given me the best opportunity I could find to grow socially, emotionally, spiritually, and academically.


I considered no other schools because I knew this one was the place for me. This school is unique because of its small classes and the attention that the professors give each student. If we need help with a subject, each professor will gladly open his/her office to help you with whatever you need. Some of the teachers are even there to just talk if you need advise. Each professor is a Christian which gives me confidence that I can go to them with whatever, and they will do thier best to help me according to God's word.

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