Florida College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who wants to grow spiritually and academically and who wants to give back to their community


Someone who is looking for a home away from home. It is a very spiritually minded school, and by the view of many is very strict and rule-oriented. however this serves as a structure that helps many make the transition from high school to college to being completely on their own. For many years it was merely a 2-year school, but is now also becoming a more serious four year school.


Kids should attend this school that aren't ready to be out on their own yet. I compare this campus to a junior high with all of it's clicks and drama.


People who don't like big schools but lov being social


A person with an open mind to spiritual discusion and who believes in a rigorous academic setting should attend here.


Someone who is serious about their education, as well as their spiritual and social life. They need to be comfortable with following the rules about dress and conduct codes, and curfew. They also need to be ok with a small school setting.


You should attend Florida college if you really want to learn and grow in the Lord. Florida College is a private Christian liberal arts school. It only has four hundred students so the classes are small. You get a lot of one on one attention with the professors in an enviroment that is clean and good for learning. FC also offers many extra curricular activities such as greek letter societies, and community service organizations to get involved in. So a person who is looking for all of those things in a school is a person who should attend FC.


Someone who enjoys a close net school and is hardworking for acedemics and for the Lord.


Florida College is great for someone who loves people. Like I said before, the college is based on a tight group of people. Therefore, someone who loves being involved should come to this school.


Florida College is a school for those interested in an excellent education in a Christian environment. It is a school for someone who searches for uncompromised truth. A person who wants to learn and interact with people in a great environment should come to Florida College.


A person straight out of high school, even a former homeschooler like me. Also a religious person, the most comfortable fit being a Christian, though just being religious is alright because Bible classes are required daily and there is morning chapel. Also a fun person who expects to make college whatever they want it to be and is in for a good time without feeling threatened by other beliefs or pressures.

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