Florida College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


if you are not religious in any way then you should not attend this school. Florida College is a nondenominational school but mostly everyone at my school are Christians. we have bible classes every day and chapel in the morning. we are a Christian school so there are rules that you have to follow like having short hair and boys wearing pants to class everyday as well as a 11pm curfew. students attend local churches and are very religious so if you cant follow rules and a life following Lord our savior then you should not attend this school.


A type of person that maybe doesnt care about school and rather just sit at home and do nothing with their life. Also this college is different from all the other colleges which is in a good way because we live here at Florida College in a christian enviroment. The type of person that belives in sex, drugs and acholal isnt right for this school and would be kicked out; but if wanting to live the right christian way this school is right for you.


Someone who wants to slip by and not be noticed would not be able to do so at Florida College. The people at FC care about one another socially, spiritually, academically, and physically. Succes in all of these areas are guided and aided by faculty as well as fellow students.


Those who like to rebel against the rules and have problems with authority.

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