Florida College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The most important thing when entering adulthood is knowing what you truly want and who you want to be. Everything else comes secondary to that. If you have that firm foundation, you will avoid wasting time on unimportant paths. Everyone is going to have their idea of who you should be, or what you should be doing, but your big decisions will affect your life, not theirs. Know what you need, and pursue it. Most of the friends you had in high school will not stay your friends as adults; that is okay. If you have friends that are hindering your goals, it is in your best interest to let them go. Always be kind to everyone you meet, but remember that you do not owe people anything, and they do not owe you anything. Always do your utmost to excel in everything. Never accept failure as an option. Strive to fulfill your potential instead of comparing yourself to others. Never forget who you are, even if that person is not the most popular. Stand for what you believe, even if those beliefs are not widely accepted. Never forget to invest time in the people you care about.


I Would Just Tell My High School Senoir Self To Never Take Anything For Granted And To Make The Most Of Everyday and Not To Worry About What Yesterday Or Tomorrow. Live In The Moment, Keep Up With Your HW, Have Fun, And Remember, You're Going To College For Something You Love To Do Something You Love For The Rest Of Life!


Don't put off what needs to be done. You will only regret it when the time comes for you to actually do work.


When others give you advice that you don't understand or value its worth, keep it in mind. If you have 2 or more, older people who know you and love you give advice to do, or not do, something, look into the issue fervently. Even though you don’t understand there reasons they are probably right. Also, start projects as soon as you get them. Don't wait until a week before they are do, or for the teacher to explain the project in detail. If you neeed further explaination than ask them after class.


Most high school students find themselves distracted with friends, activities and even sports that they are involved in. Therefore, to tell my high school self not to let that happen would be one of the essential things that I would want myself to hear. When your so worried about what classmates think of you or, how well your doing on your team and how many parties your going to it is easy to get distracted from what really matters, and thats your grades. Another thing is, dont become a victim of procrastination. A lot of times we wait until the last minute to complete assignments . When you do that you never get your best work and when it comes to our education our best should always be put forward. You should challenge yourself academically all the time but, dont stress yourself out with it or your school work in general. Try getting more involved with the things that can be fun and useful at the same time. Use all your time wisely, dont waste it and get your work done but, still allow yourself to have some fun.


I would tell myself to be prepared for a change in a big university and check all my options before settling.


If i could go back to when I was a senior, the advice I would give myself is to jsut be yourself. Every student is trying to be the most popular and trying to be who they aren't just to fit in. When you get to college you will meet new people and you will find your true friends there. In college you find more people who like the same things as you and who like you for who you are in the inside. College is also a lot harder than high school is. In high school you have homework and in class work that can raise your grade if you fail a test that you did not study for. In college you have only tests and maybe a few papers to write. So, when you come into college for the first time, do not just assume it's going to be easy because it takes a lot of studying and reading to make a good grade in your class. College is the beginning of the rest of your life, so enjoy every second of it, but work your butt off.


Tackling an education is like playing a football game, striving to win one play at the time, and not applying negativity--because winners cannot allow this thought process. In the real world working up the ladder in a profession can be more easily achieved by obtaining a liberal arts education, than taking an entry level job. At college many aspects of life can be incorporated into learning in an atmosphere of other like-minded people, who are also trying to work toward the same goal. Trudging through this long process may seem like drudgery to someone who is anxious to get on with their life, but conversely it is a necessary process for anyone wanting to achieve their best and live up to their utmost potential. Professionals in the workplace emphasize that they are looking for people who want to improve themselves educationally, and then strive to develop this education through application in the business world. It shows more character to be patient and work hard at learning what the world has to offer before throwing yourself into a career that may not be a fit, due to lack of knowledge and experience. It shows more character to be patient.


you should always take school seriously. every class that you take you have to strive to get good grades in those classes. taking school seriously gives you an academic drive so you are motivated, dedicated, and striving to live up to your abilities. the transition from high school to college will be easier. you will have more AP credits going into college and you will find out that working hard and having a great work ethic will help you in the long run. striving to do your best and work hard will get you good grades and good grades will help you get academic scholarschips and you will end up not only doing better in school but in athletics as well. once you start taking school seriously from the beginning of high school you will realize how much more serious you will take athletics. having a really great GPS average will assist you in playing at a big university. you will have the option of going to a small school or a big university. taking academics seriously will help you in taking your life seriously and you will find out that everything in life will come easier to you.


If I could go back in time, I would simply tell myself not to rush through anything and plan things out precisely . Senior year of high school I was not completly sure which college I would go to all I wanted to do was get out of my parents house. I was not thinking clearly at all, I didn't calculate cost, what I would need to get to move and live on campus, my finacial situation. I would really want to go back and calculate everything first before making such rapid decisions. I would make sure I make more rational decisions for furthering my education. I would tell myself saving is very important at that point and make sure I had a job at the time to start saving. Create a bank account and not spend my money on unnecessary items. I would need to have second opinions and talk to others who been through the college experience and get different opinions on what to do. If anything I would even tell myself to get a job and take a year off before I start if I didn't have enough saved up. Make the best decision for me.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. Worrying and stressing about something that you cannot do anything about will do absolutely nothing but make your life miserable. Trying and difficult things are going to come up, of course they are, because that’s just part of life. Some things that you stress about you can make better. So you have a big paper worth half your grade do in a week? So what? Suck it up, make a plan, and get to work. Do not worry yourself to death and loose sleep over it because that’s not going to help at all. The only thing you can do about it get to work! If you are worried about something that you can’t change then STOP worrying. Let what will happen happen and move on with your life. I know this advice is easier said then done but try to apply it in your life and you will be amazed at how much happier you are. Stressing takes the enjoyment out of life and is really a pointless way to spend your time. Work hard, make good choices, and you won’t need to stress.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior with the knowledge I have now about college I would tell myself to not stress out about choosing a degree within the first year or two. You will figure that out with college experience. Also to not stress about money but to invest in your education no matter the amount, it is always worth it. Keep in touch with those who have helped you get where you are and always remember to say thank you because you cannot do it on your own.


Make sure that you know who yoy wha nt to live with as well as making sure that i do more of the financial aid and not leave it to others to do.


If I were to travel back in time to my senior year and give myself some advice for what to expect my first year of college, the first thing I would say is "study hard!". High school was a breeze and studying for tests seemed hardly neccessary. College is quite the opposite and I learned the hardway after seeing my first test scores. Making friends with people in your classes always helps when it comes time to for a test, the best way for me to learn the material is for someone to quiz me on it verbally! This really helped me out my first year of college. If I had someone who could forsee my future before it happened I could have had a much easier first semester!


I would tell myself that, even if you can't do what you want for a job before you get to school, find any job you can. Fast food, janitorial, anything, because you will need that money. When you get to school, you'll do fine on grades, your social life will be great, and everything will seem to fall into place, but you'll worry constantly about having enough money. You'll get a girlfriend, and you'll want to take her on dates. You need money. You'll want to hang out with friends. You'll need money. You might think working at McDonalds is below you right now, but when you wish you had an extra five bucks halfway through the year, a job like that will be worth it. So worth it. So go get a job!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I'd start off by telling me that when baseball season comes, make sure I focus on getting my school work done properly. I would always wait till the last minute to finish my school work, and my grades showed it; I went from Dean's List first semester, to 2.3 or so GPA during the baseball season. Even after several good semsters in grades, that first baseball semester still has considerably lowered my cumulative GPA. I would also tell myself to live life. I spent too much time alone in my dorm, playing video games, when I should have been out meeting people and hanging out/interacting with fellow human beings. I attended school the same year as my sister, and we hung out maybe once. It could have been a great time to bond with her, and learn from her, rather than "leveling up" on the latest video game.


Make sure you focus. Don't be a hermit in your dorm. Balance school and friends.


Dear Self, So while unfortunately you (me) will never read this because time travel has not yet been invented I have a few words of advice for you. Transitioning to college will be easier for you than you anticipate. There are still people around and being driven, you will still accomplish a lot academically. However, here are a few things to think about. Making friends won’t be too hard, but really look at who you are friends with. It’s ok if you change who your closest friends are, you are at a huge time of change and growth. Don’t feel the pressure to find a boy right away. For the first time in your life guys will pay attention to you, but take time to think about if they are really the type of man you are looking for. B’s are ok. I know this sounds crazy, but doing your best is all you can do. Finally, take time to talk to older people. This includes mom. It will make life so much easier, and you will learn a lot that will be helpful. Good luck. I know you will do great. Yourself


When I was a highschool senior I didn't know what to expect from College. I knew it was something that I wanted and needed to do, but I didn't know what it was going to be like. I was homeschooled, so the idea of sitting in a classroom all day was strange and foreign to me. I was incredibly blessed to arrive at Florida College's campus though. They took me in and helped me adjust very quickly. However, if I could go back and give my highschool self a pep talk about college I would have a thing or two to say. First, get your paper work done quickly and you'll save yourself a major headache. Second, don't be outgoing from the get go. Make the most of the experience, meet people, and do things. Thirdly, never neglect your studies. One bad grade in a class is hard to recover from. Above all, I would remind myself what I constantly try to remind myself of. Remember God and put him first, even above your school. School has been an adventure for me and I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to reflect on that here.


Highschool, though easier than college academically, is harsher than college socially. It's difficult to feel comfortable in your own skin - at least it was for me. If I could give my highschool self a piece of advice about college, it would be that college is not like highschool. Your fellow students are more open-minded and diverse, as they come not just from different areas of your neighborhood, but different parts of the world. There are clubs and societies that cater to the wide array of interests you've already cultivated - but don't be afraid to try new things on for size. College allows you to take classes that actually interest you, join clubs that actually make a difference, and meet friends that won't judge you because you don't think the exact same way they do: true friends. College allows you to flourish, so don't be afraid to embrace new ideas or routines or ways of life - because no one is here to judge you but you. Free yourself to be yourself.


Don't get unfocused and remember who you serve. God is good and He loves you; so don't turn your back on Him by getting fixated on your social life or friends or grades or even acceptance because when you do, you only cause yourself needless pain. God is there, He want a relationship with you so that He can shower you with peace and happiness. He loves you, Chris! All that He wants is a little love back.


Do not fight with your brother. Do not wait until the last minute. Yes, others say that. Great minds think alike. Remember that PEOPLE are dealing with your admissions and scholarship paperwork. Be nice. Historic dorms have historic plumbing. Sign up anyway; the people are great. Know that there is someone having a harder time paying for college, keeping their grades up, or recovering from illness than you. Try to understand both sides before speaking or writing. Things will not work out the way you expect them too. It’ll be okay, though. (I’m accurate, unlike Harry Potter’s divination teacher; don’t worry.) If you happen to spend your first weeks at college sick and out-of-it, try not to say anything memorable. “Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.” (Proverbs 3: 7) Even if it means speaking up, you can do it. Otherwise, God wouldn’t have told you to. Continue to write things down in that notebook of yours when you are stressed; your future self will need it when she applies for a scholarship and wonders what her high school self would have liked to know.


Wow, there is one thing I wish I would have devoted more time to. I would have applied for a ton more scholarships and dedicated myself to winning them. Now that I am in college, I feel the financial struggle and pull. I should have listened to thoses who said it will be a rough road to lead with out help financially. So, if you don't need an extra stress in your life, I suggest you dedicate yourself to seeking help. It will not lower your dignity to ask for help, instead it will raise you prestige, knowledge, and build a brighter future. THis will not only help you in college, but it will help you the rest of your life. Take advantage of "FREE MONEY." You do not need to pay an exordinate amount of loans till you are in your late 40's.


There is one quality that determines whether a student will be successful in college: Self-control. You have to be able control yourself physically, mentally, and financially. Keeping your body healthy is key to keeping yourself mentally focused on your education. You can do this by eating healthy and getting proper amounts of sleep. Take a reasonable amount of classes to avoid unnecessary stress. Don’t destroy your body by trying to “do it all”. Make sure to leave time for fun and relaxation, but be careful about how much time you devote to it.Try your best to maintain proper relationships with your friends because this can cause a lot of distraction from your studies. Keep your finances in order and budget your money. If you don’t, you will be busy stressing about money instead of your classes. In all of these areas, use self-control and don’t worry about everything else your friends are doing. Because I can tell you from personal experience, they probably aren’t making the wisest decisions. Focus on your education so you can make the “big bucks” in your future career!


My senior year of high school, I was very irresponsible academically. If I could go back in time, I would explain to myself how my foolishness and irresponsibility has literally cost me- both academically and financially. Because of the low GPA I got due to my lack of effort, I was unable to receive most financial help. I would tell myself to stop being lazy and start focussing on what really matters- school. I would make sure I stopped stressing about my social life and I would tell myself to study hard and DO MY HOMEWORK!


If I could go back and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would be torn on what I would say. Upon entering my first year of college, I experimented with drugs. Within that year, my problem ballooned out of control, I found myself in an outpatient rehab. This led me to a 4- year battle, of going in and out of rehabs, until this past year, after leaving a physically abusive relationship I entered a detox program, where I learned I conracted hepatitis c at some point during my struggle. For the past year, I've been clean and living with this disease and treatment that arguably is worse than the disease itself. As much as I have been through in the past four years has been difficult and painful, I can not honestly say that I would go back and tell my high school self to not go through it. Facing all of these problems has led me to be not only a stronger person but someone who appreciates life. I've learned that life is precious and have developed a drive and a passion to complete my life goals I never would have had before.


"Whether you think you can or you cannot, you're right." This famous quote has motivated me through college so far. In high school I did not have as high self-esteem as I should have. If I could go back; I would remind myself everyday that if I want something I have to push through fears and obstacles and go get it. College has taught me that an easy and successful life isn't just handed to you. It takes hard work, dedication, and a high self-esteem to accomplish ones dreams. It can be hard to step outside of your box and experience what life has to offer. I will admit that in high school I shyed away from many great opportunities because I was afraid of messing up or being rejected. I know now, from college life, that putting myself in an uncomfortable situation can lead to a very comfortable life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have so many things to tell myself. The transition from high school to college is a monumental one, and life changes greatly in college. Firstly, I would tell myself that college really is what people say in some ways. College is a place that allows students to truly know what it is like to be living on their own. You have essentially moved away from home when you begin college, and I would let myself know that homesickness is normal, but that after awhile in college, the sadness dissipates, and it become easy to adjust to a new life, new friends, and new opportunities. I would also remind myself that all the stress and responsibility that comes with college does not have to be dealt with without the help of others. Being away from home does not mean being away from the need to seek encouragement or strength from others. Along this line, I would tell myself to be unafraid, and boldly go toward the task at hand, understanding that college will be an amazing, challengins experience that will change the future.


If i was able to go back in time i would because it would be a great oppurinity for me to try harder in school and do good on my SAT and ACT. The ACT and SAT are two different tests that allow you to get into colleges depending on the score you make and what type of classes that you may need to take. Another thing is that i wish that i took things differently like for example during the summer taking some classes that i dont have to take now because i think it will be harder for me to graduate on time with my AA degree. The important thing is try and apply to many colleges and see where you get in to. Also applying for scholarships to help you to pay for college. Some of these things that i have mentioned are very important that i personally didnt do all of them my senior year of highschool and i wished that i have.


I took a lot of time in high school to have fun in ways i shouldnt have been having fun. Being in college now, i can see how those things were more harmful. My advice to my old self would be to remeber who you are. Thats what my dad always told me, but i never applied it until this point in my life. Learn to study and work hard so everything else will come easy to you. Don't become a statistic and be known as a kid who did what every other person your age did: ignore their parents and think they know better. You are an amazing girl with incredible potential to reach the stars and achieve your wildest dreams. You can do it if you keep your head on straight, and I know you can.


I would tell myself to spend more time studying, even though I didn't really need to study in high school, because college is different, and not having pre-established study habits made things difficult. I would say to be more frugal with money, and learn to manage it better, because money is very important (and quite often scarce) in college. I would tell myself to spend more time and effort on what's important, and less time doing unimportant things, such as Facebook and games. I would say to be more active spiritually, to talk to my friends and take advantage of doors that opened to me, rather than sit back and let them close up and be lost like I did. I would ask myself to spend more time studying God's Word, and act upon it to be a better, stronger Christian, which consequentially would make non-spiritual things easier. I would tell myself to develop better time management skills; they are important and I am seriously lacking in this. All of this would serve not only to make things easier at the time, but make transition to college and post-college life much easier and pleasant.


Dear Grace, Breathe. You are yourself, a most unique and imperfect being, just as everyone else. Rememer to keep positive, everything isn't as bad as your mind tells you it is. Your biggest obsticles in life are internal, not external. Though where you are will constantly change throughout your life, your innermost being will be there, and can change as much or as little as you allow it to. Be comfortable with yourself. You are not autonomous from your enviornment, but don't take that as something negative. It is what pushes us to blossom into our full potential. Remember that life comes in clusters. Clusters of loneliness and despair, but there are always those incredible times when you hardly have time to breathe. Those times will keep coming as long as you keep your mind open, your thoughts positive and the corners of your mouth turned up. You learn more about yourself everyday. C'est la vie.


In a culture that puts such emphasis on relishing in the past, in pictures set to heart-wrenching songs, yearbooks and three-hour coffee dates "talking about the good ol' days", I have to tell you: high school is only a short chapter in your life. Enjoy it with the knowledge that it is only a step in your life and the first foothold to your education. Short as your time has been there and as young as you are, you cannot realize the true importance of considering this as the time to be serious about the rest of your life. Why make it such a big deal; because you've gotten by the past years "barely studying", "high school's so easy", and "I'll have all of college to be serious about education". Absorbing as much knowledge, about everything you can, is better started sooner rather than later. Take senior year as a revealing view into your future. It is the future to your career, I speak of, and not college alone. Because college, too, will come and go before you know it; and you'll want to be prepared for the life lying before you.


I dont know if I would give myself any other advice, because I wouldnt have learned the lessons I learned if I had done something differently. I went into college scared to death about how hard the classes and everything was going to be, so I worked really hard, but then it turned out that it was easier than I thought it would be. If I had known how much easier it was going to be, I wouldnt have worked so hard and wouldnt have done as well in my classes. However, if I were to give myself some advice about college life, or just life in general, it would be to be more careful with my money. Before I went to college I didnt really have any concept of money and how much things cost. While I was at college I spent alot of my parents money on just everyday things and extra activities that I didnt really need. I now know that I need to be more careful about spending my money and only buy the things that I really need, so that when I want to do an occasional fun thing, I'll have money for it.


I know you're a little--well, a LOT hard headed, but..listen to dad for once! Get another job, apply for as many scholarships as you can, and remember that the future is what you make of it. You have to DECIDE to do the right thing, to strive for what's best, and to never give up. Success won't be handed to you. You have to earn it. And realize that your current struggles will pass. They are temporary, so don't obsess over them. Look to the future, trust in God, and have confidence that He will lead you where you need to go. That may not be exactly where you WANT to go, but the Lord knows what is best. So have faith. Be content that you can't control everything, but don't settle for less than your potential. You will be depressed at times because the future looks grim, but keep pressing forward! You will see that your path is not so desolate as it seems, if only you look for the good in life. Oh, and that boy you meet freshman year? Well...just keep a level head, ok? Good luck!


Start ealy and take it seriously. Seek advice about degrees, financial aid, cost, what you want to do for a career, and don't put it off. Time slips away no matter how hard we grasp it. And at the same time, be patient! All things are done in God's time not yours. The next few years will be hard and full of difficult decisions. But don't let that stop you from pursuing your goals. Be a servant to others and you will find more satisfaction and joy than from working for yourself. Take advantage of doors that are open to you, because sometimes things only happen once. Now for some practical advice. On your way to school, don't ram your car into the back of dad's rental when you get to Nashville! Get the job off campus, you will need to money. Stop trying to date Bethany!!! You will just end up breaking up after 6 weird and difficult months. Don't change anything about Sophomore year. Its great! The best part is you grow close to Lauren Harber and begin to date her. She is the girl that you will marry someday. God Bless.


Let go. Let go of the stress from home. Their debt is not your stress. Let go of the guilt you feel for leaving. It's okay to take a different path. Your dreams are your fuel for your future. Fuel yourself! When you step out of that van and your foot lands on that hot Florida College pavement hit the ground running. Dorm life will come naturally, just keep your room tidy. You are going to make some wonderful friends. You are also going to make some enemies. I can say this, you will handle every trial thrown at you honorably. I am so proud of you for all you are about to take on alone. Mom and Dad won't be there to help you. They can't afford to assist you, you're going to have to step up and do it all yourself. Be prepared, you are going to get terribly sick. People will say quit. Don't be afraid and don't give up. You will do wonderfully. Keep praying and keep trying because you will shine. Always call home, even when you don't miss them, and tell them you love them.


Hello Amanda. I am a future version of yourself here to provide you with advice regarding the transition from high school to college. Currently, you are thirty years old and attending college. Although you are thoroughly enjoying the experience, I would like to help push you toward making the transition sooner. I know you are worried about the cost, and unfortunately due to their financial situation our parents cannot help. However, there are plenty of people and institutions that are more than willing to help students afford the cost of a higher education. Apply for financial aid, scholarships, and loans. Secondly, there is nothing to fear. The professors are not as intimidating as you think and are willing to take the time to make sure you understand and succeed. In fact, many will become your friends and biggest supporters. Lastly, you are incredibly intelligent. Please don’t limit yourself. While it can be scary, change is a good thing! Even if you are not entirely sure of your future path; start college and aim for the stars. If not you will miss some of the most amazing experiences of your life. Bottom line, don’t wait. Enroll. Discover. Enjoy.


I believe the advice I would give to myself is the biggest struggle for me for so long is that is to stop procrastinating. Sure I could've done it alot in high school but college is completely different. I would remind myself constantly that the professors will not remind you of work that is due like most of the teachers in high school, if you don't turn in that assignment that specific professor will fail you for the day and move on to the next assigment. Which brings me another set of advice I would give to myself and that is be fully responsible of everything that you do in college. Since you are by yourself you have to provide yourself the paper, pencils, pens, folders and other things needed for the school year. I would remind myself to bring a planner so I can list all the homework assigments and test dates for each of my classes and appointments I will have to make for professors and college counselors if I want to have a meeting with them they can't remind me I will have to remind myself.


Open up immediately when you get to college. No pretense is going to make you more successful or more well-liked than just being yourself. Don't waste time trying to fit into some sort of mold that you think people will accept. That won't make you happy, and it won't impress anyone around you who is worth it. As far as academics are concerned, keep your eye on the prize. It is super important to explore all the fun things you can do when you are out on your own for the first time, but you have to remember why you are in school. If you plan ahead, it is easy to balance school work and friends and come out ahead. The key when starting off at college, and really in life in general, is balance. You have to find a system that works for you, and stick to it so you can achieve your full potential.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student I would have a lot to say. I would sit myself down and with empathy tell me to slow down and focus on my studies. I would know how eager I was to fly through high school and do only what was necessary to make a passing grade. I would have to tell me how foolish I was for not focusing on grades as much as I focused on friend and home drama. I would have to break the news to myself that once out of college I would be in debt because I passed up on a lot of scholarships because I wanted other things. I would tell myself finally not waste the very intelligent brain the good lord gave me.


Wake up!!!! Good Morning Cynthia. It is time to rise and shine!!!! I know your classes are tough, but just think of all the benefits of finishing. I know it hasn't been easy, but your character has been built through all of your trials!!! . Soon, you will walk across the stage to collect your diploma. Just remember, not all of your friends who started with you, will finish with you. You can announce to all of your family and friends that you were the first to graduate from high school. I am so proud of you! College life won't be easy, I know you can do it! It's not like high school in the sense that at least your teachers monitor you somewhat now. In college, it is your responsibility to get good grades......and, by the way, you also have to figure out how to pay for your classes!!! You may miss quite a few parties with friends, your telephone conversations may be a little more brief than usual, and more often than not you may need to surround yourself with silence.............. for the sake of studying. But, you can do it!!! I believe in you!!!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, and know what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would have told myself to stay in California and apply to a university in California and applied to a school with a high recognized name. Also, I would have told myself to go directly to grad school after graduating from University.


I would tell myself that school is not a game. You can't just stay up and play X-box all night, one has to get sleep and work hard. You also can't do it alone; you have to make more time for study and less time for wooing the ladies. School is fun, but hard. You get out of it what you put into it. I'd tell myself to be careful with expectations of others because life is full of unpredictable obsticals. Papers can't just be put off, and homework must be done. You can't study the night before a test and get an A, and the teacher is what makes the class, so ask other students and pick the best ones!


Choosing to go to Florida College has been the best decision i have ever made. From it i have learned that there are other Christians in the world. I have gained a new love for school and learning. I have met so many people that are kind and helpful. I have become a more active student socially and acedemical. I have gotten more envolved with church and volunteering. It has been valuable attending here because of all the reasons listen above and that attending here, i feel like i can learn in an environment that is encouraging, clean, safe, and that whats me to succeed.


Florida College, as a Christian college, teaches more than just academics and has opportunities that can't be found at many other colleges. While there are disadvantages to a small school, there are even more benefits. Because the classes are considerably smaller, the teachers are able to maintain a personal relationship with students and students receive more help. Florida College teaches leadership, service to others, and wisdom. There are more leadership opportunities at Florida College than most other colleges. I have been able to organize spiritual devotionals on a weekly basis as well as present lessons. Students are encouraged to write "happy mail" to each other, just simply notes to encourage others. Florida College has planned weekends for students to engage in projects helping the community. I've also become wiser at Florida College. Every day, at ten in the morning, all the students go to chapel to hear practical lesson on improving their lives. On the cross country team, I've learned endurance and perseverance. College has been valuable to me because of the characteristics I've developed, the bonds I've created with other students, and the opportunities I've had the pleasure to experience.


I have grown academically, physically, mentally, socially, and more importantly spiritually while at this school. I would not trade my experience for anything!


You wouldn’t imagine my life in a week. Actually, you would. It’s not that strenuous or exciting. It’s typical college, but I didn’t prepare myself for the imbalances. I wasn't aware that I would only get sleep on certain days, or that I’d only eat randomly when I “felt” like it or had time, or that I’d only have one real day set aside to be mature… not to mention laundry. Are you kidding me? No one told me that college was so random. No one ever really gave me good advice about college anyway – to be honest. It was all too generic like, “don’t procrastinate." Little did they know, I’m at Florida College. It’s not an ordinary college. Procrastination looms over our heads because social activities are dangled in front of us like carrots, and spiritual opportunities overflow like a pot of stew at 400 degrees, yet our professors are right around the corner to get us right back on the educational track. The value in any education is acquired from what is learned. The value in an FC education is the ability to laugh as we learn.


i have grown up lot during my first year of college. Even though I am not able to afford living out of my home, I feel more independent since I began. No one keeps track of when you sleep through class or when you fail a test. college becomes something that you can only succeed at when you have your own personal desire to be there. I have been able to prove to myslef that my dreams are reachable. I have shown myslef I can be diligent and patient. College is the only way to my career and it's put me through a test of whether a Doctor is what I want to keep working towads. It has been a positive obsticle that has been valuable to my growth as a person in society.


I have started breaking out of my solitary shell of living and learned that I should include many friends in my circle of trust. I have learned how to serve others and my community. I have been exposed into a deeply spiritual enviroment that brings out the best in me. I have gained much value from deep, new friendships; I have gained a will to constantly challenge myself to grow into something better than I once was.

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