Florida College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


We have a curfew that requires us to be in the dorms by 11:00 pm on school nights and 12:00 am on weekends. It can get rather frustrating at times, especially when you want to watch a late night movie or go to a concert.


The most frustrating thing about Florida College is the narrow selection of majors. However, with the Liberal Studies program, students can choose components that cover multiple areas of education, from business to history to religious thought. Florida College works hard to make sure each student gets the abosolute best education available to them.


The most frustrating thing about my school for me is that it is an out-of-state private college. Tuition is higher, which makes it harder to afford, although that wouldn't be as much of a problem for in-state students, and there is always financial aid to help with the higher tuition. However, higher tuition just means you need more financial aid, which means a lot more time and effort put into applying for financial aid, which you don't always receive despite your application.


To be quite honest, there is not really anything I can say that makes me frustrated with the school. The transportation to get to my school ,since I am a commuter, is good. The students I have encountered have been kind to me, and the professors have been very helpful when I can't get something in their class and they have also been friendly as well. It is probably hard to believe that I don't really have one negative thing to say about the school but there is nothing I can really say bad about the school.


The most frustrating thing about Florida College is having my expectations shattered. I don't necessarily mean that I have been let down. I haven't. I went into my first semester thinking I knew what I was in for, but I was sorely mistaken. I have learned very quickly that my education is extremely important and that my professors care about me and will not let me fail. It is frustrating that I can not simply do as I please, because the faculty cares about my education AND my well-being.

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