Florida College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Florida College is the Christain education I can recieve. There is no concern of being religiously persecuted in the class room. Our country has moved into a trend of hating the old school normal Christians. This is a refuge for young Christains to get an education.


Florida College is a private christian institution that gives young adult christians the oppurtunity to grow and learn in the Lord. The hearts of the people who attend this college and the alumni give any help we need. We do not need a tragedy to happen to us to understand that we all have to stand together and be there for eachother when help is needed. This school is a community were everyone treats everyone like family which is what we are and what our Lord wants us to understand. At this college we love one another.


The best thing about my school is the community feeling. The teachers are all really helpful and everyone is really friendly and helpful too. Florida college really just feels like one big family.


the one thing to me personally is the family atmosphere, and the fun that i hve had at florida college while getting a great education.


The best thing about Florida College is the small campus environment and the types of people the school attracts. The students who attend Florida College come from some type of religious background and are very friendly individuals who look out for one another. Everybody knows everybody and there is not one person without a friend.


The atmosphere


The best thing about Florida College is what most call the Florida College experience: a unique campus in which every activity, every class, every aspect of college life has a foundation in the Christian beliefs central to every member of this institution. I love that I can study the bible in my Old Testament Poetry class, worship God with the rest of the student body during Chapel, and then learn about the complexity of God's creation in Calculus - all in one day at FC. Florida College thrives on this special passion that everyone shares: a passion for God.


The best thing about Florida College is the spiritual atmosphere. It is a conservative christian private school that is focused completely on serving God. It changed my spiritual life forever, and it helped me to understand what is really important.


The staff and students are very friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I have shared meals with professors both in the dining hall and in their homes. Classes are challenging, but there is plenty of support from teachers and other students to help you out.


For Bachelor's degree students, There is a strong emphasis on job placement and real world experience in a specific field.


I would assume that I attend one of the smallest schools in the country and I love it. It provides for the opportunity to get to know your professors on a first name basis. Any questions of difficulties I'm having, there are several professors whose offices I can walk into, and they will sit there, liten attentively and do everything they can to help. It's a privelege to be able to get so close to successful Christians. They teach, act as an example and are driven through life by the same thing I am.


The best thing about Florida College is its small size and clean enviroment. All of the dorms at FC are gender seperated. Therefore I never feel unsafe. I never have to worry about my roommate bringing in someone that might be dangerous. With FC's dress code and no alchohol policy I also never have to worry about immodesty or drinking on campus. The main focus at Florida College is your education and your growth in the Lord. Not about drinking parties or fraternities but about learning and education. That is what I like the most about Florida College.


All the wonderful people that I get to spend my whole day with.


The vast majority of everyonehere has the same values of behavior and morality. It is easy to make the right decisions when you aren't being persueded to choose otherwise.


Florida College is a small school with only about 500 students. I love the some environment. Everyone is always so kind to each other, but the best part of my school is its Christian environment. Most of the students are New Testament Christians so we all have close standards and the same goal of heaven. This school provides me an opportunity to learn from other Christians my own age.


The feeling of being in a family outside of your relatives. I love my FC family and most of my friends here will be friends for life. I've lived, cried, played, loved, been to funerals, been to games, drove back home, and hung out with these people. They are my family away from home. Being from Ohio and still being welcomed into the homes here in Florida have made me appreciate my new Christian family here at Florida College.


Florida College is a small private college in Temple Terrace, Florida. I believe the best thing about his school is the emphasis on a spiritual relationship with our creator, the one true God. The majority of faculty and staff are Christians and actually care about the students. They want each student to succeed academically and grow spiritually.

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