Florida Gateway College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Watch your grades. Take screen shots so you can prove what you received if nwcessary.


The worst thing about this school is that it is a community college. It is not that fun. People go to class, and leave. I wish I could have the university experience and actually meet people. I can tell that the people who come up with activities actually try, though.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the few academic advisors we have. It is very difficult to schedule a meeting with an advisor that meets your schedule and theirs, especially around registration.


The Worst thing I consider about my school would have to be the staff there. It is very hard to figure out my financial aid information because the staff is always busy and very rude.


The worse thing about Lake City Community College, I would have to say, is the parking. I have to arrive at school a hour ahead of time just to get a spot that's still pretty far from my classes. They are also pretty strict on the parking rules, which can lead to me being a parking ticket short from paying my rent.


The school's only downfall in my mind is that it has a bookstore that is just not up to par. The bookstore is very small, and if you do not arrive the day books are available, you typically have to wait for more books to be ordered.


The only thing that I wish the school had not done was cut the sports activites from out campus. I know that we need to save money but I feel this limits the students and takes away the activity and "stress relief" we did have at one time.


We don't have enough on campus or off campus housing yet for all the new students and haven't decided yet on how many on-line internet courses will be contributing to each student's hours plan. But we are working hard on it.