Florida Gulf Coast University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I don't believe there is any kind of person who shouldn't attend this school. Anyone can find there comfort zone with others and fit in somewere or other. As long as they are their selves and open to trying new thigs and having fun with what they have.


somebody who is not motivated to succeed.


Someone who hates forests, someone who feels homesick without buildings on a skyline, someone who feels most at home in crowds should not go to this school.


Florida Gulf Coast University is such a welcoming school. The only kind of person who shouldn't attend is someone who doesn't want to be involved or interract. The professors are all so eager to assist and there are so many wonderful opportunities to get involved with. If you want a dull college experience, stay away from FGCU.


It is okay to start college unsure of one's specific career goals, however young adults who are not commited to their coursework or academic success should not attend.


There isnt any type of person that shouldnt attend FGCU. There are all walks of life there. Maybe if you are really big into football you should not attend because FGCU does not have football but they do have plenty of other sports.


A person that slacks off and doesn't try hard in school. A person that only wants a party school, or doesn't socialize.


Someone who wants to have a diverse and unique learning experience. Someone who doesn't mind an environmental focus and a school that is very into interacting and helping in the community. It is a great school for education majors, and there are many other great majors too. It is somewhat quiet of a campus but there is more and more going on and there is always something to do if you look for it.


If you want to follow a football team. FGCU is not the place for you as they have no team. It is a D1 school, but really do not have any teams that have made a big nationwide impact. One thing to remember is the weather is beautiful that there are many other things to keep you busy.


Florida Gulf Coast University is an excellent school and provides many educational programs for students to choose. Classes at this college provide different learning styles in order to meet each individual student's needs. This involves having group projects and hands on assignments as well as essays and reading assignments. The only person that I would suggest not attend this school is a person that is not serious about learning and that is not devoted to working hard. This university makes it easy for students to learn all the required material needed for their future careers if they just try.


A person that should not attend Florida Gulf Coast University is someone who is not willing to give it their best. College has taught me to become responsible, make my own money, set money aside for bills, and lots of studying. If you are unable to manage your time, it would be very difficult to pass Florida Gulf Coast University, or any school! :)


Someone who wants to be in the big city and wants to attend a big school shouldn't attend this school.


In my opinion, students that are lazy, disruptive, and view college as a manditory sentence should not be welcomed. In observing the students in both a personal level and as classmates, these students hinder the productivity of any class enviroment.


some one who want to go to a school with a nice campus. someone who doesn't want class sizes that big. someone who likes the florida weather.


A non-environmentalist should not attend Florida Gulf Coast University because this school takes the environment seriously. If someone does not care about taking care of the environment and finding new ways to make it a better place, this school just is not for them.


If you do not like this small and conservative school, do not attend.


A person that doesn;t care about the environment, becuaset they are an environmental school. Also those that hate the heat should stay out of Florida.


People shouldn't attend if they want to attend a large busy college. FGCU is a smaller school with more of a focus on the environment and the students than being a large school.


Anyone who is afraid of getting lost in the shuffle, likes to know their teachers on a personal level, and wants to have a good time in college.


I feel that any students that just want an easy ride in school should not attend this school or students that just want to play around. This school really cares about there programs and do take things seriously.


Florida Gulf Coast University is extremely diverse in regards to cultures, views, norms, and academic goals. It is also strongly focused on being environmentally friendly and incorporates this into their coursework. Students who are not hyped up about the "going green" phenomenon should not attend this school as it is a big part of this university. The faculty and students at this school are serious about protecting the environment and not causing it any further damage. This is a great school for those who wish to make a difference in our planet meanwhile earning their hard-earned degree.


Florida Gulf Coast University has a broad variety of students. FGCU is a small school, so I would say that this school is for the student who wants a college experience, but isn't sure about going to a large school. FGCU is honetly the perfect size school. There are so many different people here that you are bound to find a group of people that you will fit in with so there is no need to worry about that.


Someone who does not cares about destroying the earth. A person only cares about them self and does not want to make a difference. This school is more for people who are tree huggers and stand for what they believe in.


A person who does not like to travel long distances through college campuses. Florida gulf coast will invovle a lot of walking, biking. car, etc.


Florida Gulf Coast University is a very diverse school. To me there is not many people who wouldn't be able to attend this beautiful school. This school would be good for any student who wanted to further their education. If someone doesn't want to put the time required for any type of school then Florida Gulf Coast University would not be for them. Florida Gulf Coast University would be a great school for any student who wants to make an effort.


Overly conservative people really shouldn't attend this school. It might be dangerous if you aren't flexible in your beliefs. I'm a little bit of both worlds and I keep an open mind with people. Otherwise you might find yourself frustrated with not only your peers but with your professors as well.


I'm not sure how to answer this about FGCU because I think it would apply to any school. If a person is not serious about getting an education, they should not attend this school. If a person is not motivated to do their own work or follow the rules should not go to this school. The professors do not do alot of after class help nor do they hand hold anyone to maintain their grades. We have to stay on top of our classes even when we're sick. This school is pretty tough, but good.


a person who is expecting a party school. we do not have a greek row and there is no alcohol served on campus.


Anyone can


People that don't work hard and think the school is all about parties.


If someone is not motivated and doesn't want to learn


A person who is looking for a really big party school, this isn't the school for you. A person who is looking for really big city life, this school isn't for you.


A person who doesn't like a small school shouldn't attend this school.


Honestly, I believe that any indiviual would fit in and excell at Florida Gulf Coast University. There are so many postive influences at the university, everyone balances each other out. Personally, I feel that you need to be a responsible, accepting person that can work well with a team in and out of the classroom. If you are not that kind of person, hopefully by attending FGCU you can adapt to your surroundings and learn from others.


The kind of person who wants a school with tons and tons of people and super crazy parties.

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