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its a great feeling going to an HBCU. u are apart of history and you are making histoy. your friends feel more like family, and it opens you up to a different part of youself, you didnt know.


What is unique about my school compared to other schools that i considered is that Florida Memorial University is the only Historically black college in south florida. Florida Memorial University has such a diversity of students from everywhere who attend this school. Other schools that i did cconsider going to do not have to much of a diviersity like Florida Memorial it is all the same people. Knowing this i felt as though this was really unique compared to the other schools that i considered going too. The sourroundings are very much safe and its a small and comfortable university.


Florida Memorial University is very unique , because the school is a historical black college, it is a private school, and its intitution is 22,000. The university is very small , similar to a circle. Alot of students attend the school. But alot of students leave the school also. Thats due to a hand few of teachers , that Florida Memorial Univerisity have. Overall it is a wonderful school, but the school just cost too much to attend. If the school intitution was $15,000 or less I would love to stay ;Also my mother attended Florida Memorial University also


The most unique thing I think i can describe biut my school is that we have a very wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. I have encountered with all types of islands from the Carribeans. To have an experience to not knowing the difference between the islands an their backgrounds til having close friends that I can now visit with over their is pretty cool. And thats what i find to be unique about my school.


Florida Memorial University has a very diverse campus that I believe other institutions do not possess. There is a plethora of international students that make Florida Memorial electrifying and different. The native lands of these students range from Senegal to Trinidad and Tobago to Brazil. This diversity allows Florida Memorial students to be very tolerant of other races, religions and cultures other than their own.


Well I would have to say that my school is unique in many ways. Florida Memorial University is unique in its own way whereas there are many programs to help students that are in need of help. This school also helps many students that have disabilities whether learning disabilities or physical disability overcome their disadvantages. Florida Memorial University has other on campus activities that all students are able to get involved in to keep them occupied.


The unique about my school compared to other school they don't have application fees and they accept quickly which some other school have to pay application fees and it's takes long time to do the prossecing .