Florida Memorial University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


infrastructure. its poor


the confusing on where every hall are located..


The worst thing about my school is the fact , that the school cost so much to attend. I am a independent student and I max out on everything and still dont have enough money ,to pay my school balance. I have no schlorshipsand I would love to get one to help me out with my intitution. Florida Memorial is a private school so of course it is going to cost alot. I undestand that but it is too expensive to attend. So I know with the help from this schlorship will help me with my balance for my school intitution.


The worst thing about ny school would have to be just the cost of it an to put in so much money an not have what we are paying for. We pay to much to not have what we deserve.


Our school is bias towards homosexuals. There is an abundant number of homosexuals that ultimately determine the way the school is perceived.


The worse thing about my school is that its too small, because it being so small disables use from having a varsity football team and other colliegent sport besides Basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track.


There is too much to say about this school but every school has its ups and downs good and bad.


The worst thing i consider about my school is that its to small


i consider the neighborhood to be the worst part, people geting shot on campus and being robbed gun point in their dorm room