Florida Memorial University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most fustrating thing about my school is that the campus is very small, not enough activites around campus to participate in also not enough food choices.




I would have to say the things that we need aren't provided for us on campus. The lack of transportation to different destinations. Also the horrific food that is served in the cafe plus the the terrible times we are givin to eat.


The most fustrating thing about my school is walking around in the space of the biuldings. My school that I attend is a very large school with many biuldings.It also has two floors full of classrooms .Sometimes new students can get lost or feel strange changing to different classes.


The food and living condictions. I would like for this school to have off campus housing and a opioinal meal plan.


The most frustrating thing about Florida Memorial University is the fact that at times it seems that many of the students are more focused on receiving a social status rather than earning a diploma. Some would rather sleep and party all day and night rather than going to class and receiving an education at this overpriced private institution.