Florida Memorial University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?




The best thing I consider about my school is the teachers ability to want the students to succeed


The best thing about my school is that it's filled with different activities that people can get involved with to learn about each other personalies. Such as fratunities, sororities, baseball team, soccor team, the basketball team, the band, and different clubs. When people join these clubs it give them a chance to be active and interact with other backgrounds. Also they learn about teamwork, sisterhood, and brotherhood. Which build storng friendships and relationships. My school always have events for us to attend, so we can come out and participate with one another. Events that answer questions about us.


I think the best thing about my school is that it feels like a family, and even though we have problems every now and then I know there is always someone I can go to, with any issue I have.


I believe the best thing about my school is the oppotunities that it has for current and future students. You can reach your potential and set goals on achieving them the best way that you possibly could.I really love the fact the school can help us progress and go to maximum levels in a personal career.This way life for us very nice and satisfied.We can be prepared for entering the world and society in a good manner that's appropiate to work.This is the best thing that I like and appreciate about my school.


The best thing about Florida Memorial is the Honors Program that I am currently in. The Honors program strives for excellence and brings forth any individual's most potential. I believe that it is the catalyst that Florda Memorial needed to improve as a whole.