Florida Southern College Top Questions

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The school offers a garunteed study abroad as welll as garunteed internships in your desired field. Also, its relatively small.


In the Elementary Education program, students are given three field studies before internship. Also, certain classes require field experience at Roberts Academy. From the beginning, students are in the classroom working with children. We do projects and lesson plans with the children. Our assignments in the classroom become real life because we actually do their assignment in the classroom. It is not just on paper. That is what makes Florida Southern College Education program unique from other schools.


It's close to home, yet still far enough way. It's located in the heart of Florida so we can easily get to Tampa or Orlando.


Florida Southern College provides their students the opportunity to study abroad their junior year. They call it junior journey, and usually the students get to choose the country they would like to go too. Sometimes if students want to go to a certain country before or after their junior year they allow that as well. They make sure too meet all the accommodations for their students. Also Florida Southern insures that each program has a 90 percent job guarantee or internship come graduation for every student!


Florida Southern College is a small, tight-nit college where it's professors are very concerned with helping their students in all ways possible. Whether they are helping their students in class, after class, over the phone, by e-mail, or any other way. The professors make themselves available and want to have a personal relationship with you while helping you succeed in college as well as in your future career.


The first thing i noticed about the school was the amazing admissions counselors. they guided you through the application process and counseled you even if you told them that you might not chose thier school. they just wanted to know that you wanted to attend a college and get a higher education. the second is as soon as i got here there was unity amoung all the students. other students didn't look down on you because you were an underclassmen they involved you in the school as much as they were and united all the students together as one.


I liked that Florida Southern was close to home. I live right down the street so I was able to walk there from home and save money on living in the dorms or gas. It also had a great atmosphere. I simply enjoyed being there.


Polk State College is great , because it does dual enrollment with the University of South Florida, and the local high school, we have great diversity which allows me to experience classes through others eyes. I am returning adult student and the instructors and staff have made the transition for not only me but any student , unique by great instructors who take the time to make sure you know where you are going. If faculty/staff pass you and you look the slightest bit lost thtey will stop and help. The students are great about helping each other.


The school has the feeling of a large campus with a small campus community.


Lots of individual attention!