Florida Southern College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How the campus is really easy to get around and I feel like my professors care more than they would at a big college or university.


Florida Southern was voted the most beautiful campus. We also have a wonderful student body. Everyone really cares about the school and enjoys campus life.


I really enjoy the music scene at the college.


I'm a name, not a number hidden in the back row, and there is always something to do around campus, even if you're not greek.


I like to tell my friends how easy it is to be around people here. I also like being part of a fraternity, it really opens a lot of opportunities for you. The teachers here are great too they really care and are responsive to you. They also have so much to give in terms of life experience, for instance my vocal teacher tells me a lot about the job and what he did and suggests.


There are so many positive things to say when talking about Florida Southern College. Whether a classmate is bragging about going to the school with the most collective works of Frank Lloyd Wright, the small town home feel, or the helpful professors, there is an abundance to say about Florida Southern. I, however, seem to brag most about Florida Southern's beautiful campus overlooking the breath-taking Lake Hollingsworth. Which is surrounded, literally, by neighborhoods of beautiful houses and friendly people.


All the activities that are availble and the food.


The thing I brag about most is the financial aid package that FSC came up with for me. They really try to make sure that all of their students can get as many grants, scholarships, and/or loans as possible. Also, the staff is extremely friendly and definitely help the new incoming students feel comfortable with the transition into the school.


This school uses engage learning. So no homework! But so much to do to learn.


When I talk to my friends about Florida Southern College I generally talk about the opportunities for creative minds to shine on campus instead of the focus being directed primarily at the athletes at the school.


I love how Florida Southern is such a small school. It's really nice only having 15 people in most of my classes. Also, the professors are very friendly, interesting, and willing to help students out whenever they need it.


The teachers become your collegues as you go along through your classes.


The fact that I am able to be in a sorority.


i tend to not ever brag really!


About how friendly the college is due to it's small size. Everyone at FSC knows eachother in some way, even if they just see the same person everyday on their way to class, or they have a class with them, somehow, we are all connected, and that is something that all FSC students are proud of: The joint spirit that all the students have is greater than any of our differences combined. In the end, our differences make us one.


I tell my friends how friendly everyone here is and that there is a heavy work load but it is very managable and the campus is gorgeous.