Florida Southern College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who likes small, more intimate classes would enjoy Florida Southern College. Also, those who like to be highly involved in programs such as athletics or Greek life would fit in well. There is not a whole lot to do outside of the campus, and the majority of students are either athletes or are in Greek life. If you are interested in either of those, this school is perfect for you.


The kind of people that should attend FSC are people that love sun, food, and small class room ratios. Everyone that I met at FSC had a positive vibe, and a fun personality. There is an abundant amounts of clubs and organizations at FSC, so there is never a bored student and everyone has something to do. I recommend FSC to people that love a good education, sun and a lot of fun.


This school has a lot of small town personality. It's great for people who learn by hands on activities and one on one interactions. Even though we are small, there is such a wide variety in the types of people that come here, and you find new friends from many types of cultures and backgrounds from all over the country and beyond.


Someone who is looking for a small school where you know everyone.


i believe anyone can attend this school. they don't disriminate about race, lifestyles, or religion here. you are welcome to hang out anywhere on campus, you don't get pushed away from a bulding or location if you are not a part of their club or activity. since i've been here i've seen so many different kinds of people and i love it. the culture here is great and everyone is welcomed.


This college is my 6th college/university I have attended. I am most satisfied with the quality of everything more so than with any of the other schools I've attended to date. If you are looking for a very personal college where you are a person and not a number, this is the college for you. The advisors and professors take care of each and every one of us.


At this school everyone fits in; and everyone gets along with everyone. I enjoy every moment of this college experience, so when deciding to come to Florida Southern just remember if you are a person who is passionate about their studies, but at the same time knows how to have fun. This is the right college for you.


Someone who wants a personalized education should attend this school. The class sizes are small, the professors truly do know your name, and you have many sources for help in aspect of college life. Greek life is a big part of the school, but parties are not in your face. This college is for someone who does not mind a small city setting, with two major cities, Tampa and Orlando, nearby. There are plenty of activities to do on campus as well as organizations to be involved in.


anyone that wants to attend a small school and wants to learn


someone who wishes to be mostly academically oriented and looks to find close friends in a small social community & to have EVERYONE know EVERYONE


At Florida Southern College anyone is allowed and i think anyone who would like to be a part of the school should check it out.


Really, this school is for anyone. While its founded on Methodist principles, there are few (though very apparent) areas that reflect this. Most students aren't Methodist, with a large number not being Christian or necessarily religious at all. Everyone is acceptable here, and you can always find friends. I personally have very few friends, but we are very close. There are students of all kinds, so everyone is sure not to feel completely alone.


Anyone really. Every kind of person finds a place where they fit in at Florida Southern.


Open minded individuals that are up for a challenge


Any person can attend Florida Southern College. It is a great community of people as well as home to a wonderful variety of academics, athletics, and social events. Everyone on campus is very friendly and welcoming making the transition from wherever you previously were, whether it be high school or transferring from another collegiate level institution, extremely smooth and pleasant.


Students that enjoy small classes and tough work. Students that plan to join a greek society will feel at home.