Florida Southern College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Since the school is mostly Greek life and athletics, if you are not interested in either, then this school is not for you. It is definitely a beautiful campus and is full of some of the nicest and most supportive people you will ever meet, but without being involved in a group on campus, the school would be rather boring.


Students who thrive in the greek life would do well here. There are a lot of extra curricular activities that promote the greek life.


The student who should not attend my college is a student who does not enjoy community. At FSC we pride ourselves on being community orieneted. As an FSC student I am involved in athletics, as a cross-country and Track and field member. I also have reciently applied for an Resident Advisor position for the 2010-2011 school year. Communtiy is huge here, you can tell this because the second you walk on our campus there will not be a person you walk by that does not say hello. I love FSC and its community atmosphere!


A person who does not attend classes regularly.


One who doesn't want to get involved. There are many activities, intramurals, greek life to keep one busy.


Anyone who wants a large campus or a football team should not attend this school.


Poeple who are interested in the fields or art or education should avoid Florida Southern College because the Humanities are dwindling and the focus is shifting to the extremely business-centered majors.


Someone that is not very outgoing. This school is small so it's kind of easy to make friends but you have to at least make an effort. Also someone that wants constant change or exciting things going on every second. This school is very laid back.


I think most anyone would enjoy going to our school.


Someone who is very serious about graduate or professional school, or relies on the "popularity" or name of the school. Or someone who doesn't want everyone to know everything about them, like high school.


People who are not open to trying new things, and do not possess the motivation to do well.


A person who is not willing to "look outside the box", or a person who is not willing to questions what is being taught. This school thrives on learning, and that it is not only the professors teaching, but the students are also teaching and challenging the professors. They want a person who is willing to ask "Why", and not to just accept what is being told. The professors challenge each student d, and a person who attends this college has to be willing to fail, and most importantly - get back up and re-try, re-ask and re-learn.


A student that needs lots of one on one attention and thrives off of individual contact shouldn't attend this school.