Florida Southern College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back, I would tell myself that college is not as scary as it seems. I personally feel that being away from home is the hardest part. I only have two more months left of college and I will be done with my first year... which is crazy to think about. Time really flies and I am really excited to begin my second year. Also it is very very difficult to have a job while being a full time student, so try to do plenty of scholarships to recieve any help you can get. You are smart and determined so do not stress about college, you will do just fine. P.S: There are such things as terrible roommates.... so be prepared. Goodluck!


Dear 17 year old self, I would want you to know that feeling uncomfortable means growth. The things I enjoyed, learned and benefitted from the most in college were the things that made my stomach do flips, or made my palms a little clammy. Stepping outside of the “box” that is your comfort zone only leads to growth. I won’t tell you that every time I stepped out of my comfort zone that things turned out great, because that’s not true. But I learned something I normally wouldn’t have had I just sat down in the “box” and said “no, I’m scared”. Taking the step of moving from Maryland to Florida for college is a testimony to that! That is the kind of mind set you should apply to all the activities you’re about to be presented with, whether in internships, relationships, volunteering or at work. Everything is going to take time but get uncomfortable and grow into you. Love, Future you


Knowing what I know now, I would've told myself to better budget my money so I can save money for the next school year. I also may have told myself that I could pick a less expensive school and still receive a degree in Marine Biology. It's a good school to be educated at, but I could have had the same experience and saved money at the same time.


Embrace who you truly are. It is often said that when a person spends time by themselves, that is who he/she truly is. This person needs to be found before entering college. When you know who you are, you have more confidence and you know what you are looking for. In college, you have to surround yourself with a group of friends who know the real you, and if you are insecure with yourself, they will be insecure with you as well. These friends are the ones who you will keep in contact with after college, who will be in your wedding, and who will help raise your kids. You need to be able to trust them with your life because you never know what you might get yourself into during your college years. Once you fully embrace who you are, the friends you want and need will be easily made and kept.


The advice I would give myself would be to step out of my comfort zone. College has made me step out of my comfort zone. I tease with my friends that I am so out of comfort zone that I have forgotten where my comfort zone is. In high school, I only done things that only stretch a little out of my comfort zone. When individuals only live in their comfort zone, I believe that we miss out on great opportunities. There was probably some missed opportunites just because I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone. My advice to my high school self is to be more bold.


High school is supposedly the best four years of your life. Your high school experiences will become cherished memories. My best advice to any freshman entering Cardinal Gibbons would be to get involved in any way you can. The school and activities are the most exciting parts of starting high school. First of all, making friends in all areas of the school can help you be more a part of the school. For example, be a part of the clubs. They may seem insignificant now but they can help you later in high school and meet other people in the school as well. Thus, being involved means being a part of the school and the students. Additionally, Sports is a major part of cardinal gibbons. If you aren’t very athletic, cross-country would be a great sport to try. Cross-country is the go-to sport. If you don't know what sport to do or just need something to do after school cross-country is the sport to do. Clearly, one way to get involved would be to join a sports team. Being involved in the school is participating in school events with friends and others at school.


Ashley college is not what you thought it would be when you were in high school. College has so much opportunity that you need to take more risk and not be scared to join groups or clubs. It is not worth worrying and stress over the little things anymore. College is actually. You will make plenty of new friends, gain new skills, and become more confident. Embrass this now and not wait to open up till later in college. People do not care what you look like or what you are doing, so be yourself. Classes may be hard at times but you will get through it (believe me). Always remember to not give up and take one day at a time. This last tip is what will help you get through the next few years of college.


If I could in Looper-esque fashion revisit my younger self, I’d first tell Junior Me not to start a butterfly effect wherein Senior Me ceases to exist. Then, the real meat. “Junior Me,” I’d say, “There are more careers than the ‘doctor, teacher, lawyer’ bit you’ve been hearing.” I’d tell myself to figure out what interests me & think about jobs that fit those interests. To go to job fairs even if I don’t need to. To look at majors at different colleges for ideas. To take classes now that will help me in the future. To not endure the torture chamber of AP Calculus in lieu of the more applicable AP Statistics. As a psychology major I use statistics all the time, but I’ve never had to find the area of cones spun twice on their axes. Speaking of majors, undergrad isn’t the end. In this economy, post-graduate degrees are where it’s at. Group projects are the life blood of college & graduate school. Love them. Most importantly, I’d assure myself that the guy who said “your high school years are the best of your life” never went to college.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school I would definetely tell myself not to stress out as much. There is so much pressure your senior year between AP classes, senior activities, applying for colleges and writing essays. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to calm down. It seems like a lot of work, but it's so worth it in the end. I can say, I was more than prepared for my college workload and excited to be on my own.


If I could go back and tell my high school self about what I know now, It would be to make sure you map out where you want to be in the years to come. To allow yourself the time to commit to a college and stick through it, no matter how hard and challenged it was, to put forth the effort to achieve in what you have set. Make sure that you make the best decision and choices in life, if joining the military was a option make that decision base on the capibility of allowing yourself the option of making it your career. And finally do not settle for nothing less then the best.


I would tell myself to do duel enrollment so I would complete some general classes, and wouldn't have to pay so much. I would also advise myelf to apply more more scholarships so I would pay less on my tuition. I would also tell myself to buy more food, invest in headphones so I would study better, not to trust my roommate, and to be more cautious of the people that I talk to. I would tell myself that college is not scary and I have nothing to worry about because the workload is not that devastatingly heavy or incredibly hard.


If I could go back and be a high school senior all over again, I would make sure I focused on my studies a lot more. I part time dual enrolled in high school, but I wish I would have done full time. Being in college now, you realize how much of a burden money is, and that it is frustrating paying for classes that could have been either eliminated beforehand, or paid for by my school district. Sitting in class, and listening to lectures become very tedious, especially now as a freshman. I am stuck in common general education classes that remind me of high school classes, which I could have easily taken while participating in the Dual Enrollment program. I wish I had left high school having my Associates Degree done, so I could jump into my program at my college (elementary education) and be steps closer to becoming the teacher I aspire to be!


I would tell myself to start looking at different colleges sooner than your junior year. This way you have less stress when it comes down to making a choise. I would also try to have taken more advance classes soon in my high school career.


Hello self. I am here to tell you that you need to prepare for the financial part of college. Please go to auditions and apply for more scholarships! I know that you are not sure of what you want to do now, but look into education and using music to teach. Think of how blending the two could reach so many children. Also, apply to different colleges that are around the country and around the world, you have nothing to loose. However, even though it would be great to know these things before, I would not change them. The struggles with family, finances and other challenges have made me stronger and a better person. I know what I want to do and how I want to acheive them. So really self, I am saying thank you for the choices that you are going to make, because it is never too late and sometimes a grand pause can create quite an impact.


I have made some amazing friends and had some amazing expieriences. I have discovered that I would love to be an accountant and so far the classes I have taken have put me in the right direction to achieving my goals.


Even though I have only been in school for a year and a half, I have learned valuable people skills, how to cater to what the professor knows, instead of what you think you know, and how to make life long friends. I work for student life as an RA and get to meet all kinds of new people, and help make other people's college experience a good one. College isn't just about the classroom, but about the networking and people you get to meet, and all the experiences you'll learn from, and FSC offers so many different ways to get involved, either through internships, jobs, working with professors outside the classroom or helping the community. I know that I have made life long friends here, and gotten a good understanding of the "job world" just by attending classes and other campus activities and have a blast while doing it.


I have gotten education in a caring enviroment and have made new relationships that will last a life time. The education classes I attend here are the best in the country and this will be most vaulable when I decide to become a teacher in a low class school and need to motivate students to make something out of themselves and be the best person they can be because I believe every individual is important so I just need to learn the proper way to teach these students I will get in the future. I have received countless hours of fun hands on quality education that I don't think any other schools do that much. I wouldn't want to attend any other school because I have learned so much from this school and yet I still can learn so much more.


One of the most important things I have gotten out of my college experience so far is just having it be such a easy transition from high school. Meeting new people was very easy here I joined a fraternity when I got here and it really made meeting people a breeze. My vocal teacher and the other faculty within my school are very nice and they really do take a personal interest in you and your future, they do want you to succeed. They always make themselves available to you, even if you just want to chat.


My college experience has included hours of studying, living on my own for the first time, meeting two of my best friends in the entire world who have similar goals and world views as myself, and being completely responsible for everthing I do. My college experience has taught me freedom has limits in a world that challenges me to have a limitless imagination. However, that doesn't mean that my limitless imagination has to have limits in a world that appears to have limitless. If I can imagaine something, it can come true. This is the conclusion that I have come to in my short time at college.


So far I have gotten a taste of what the real world will be like. Through my college experience so far I have dealt with problems with my family, friends, and even with my school work. It has showed me what is to be expected and that high school is over and nothing comes easy, you have to work hard for what you want. Going to college is the best decision I made because it showed me that I am not ready to go out in the world on my own yet, and that there is still so much for me to learn and so much more I can accomplish.


In my college experiemce I have learned more about myself than what I did inside the classroom. I have taken chances and am slowly starting to find out how I can be successful even though it had a rocky start. I believe that college, while it is time to set your life plan, is also a time to explore make mistakes and grow from them. Although my exeperience has not been that of a dream college I am slowly learning how to branch out and look for what I need to do on my own to make a college experience that fits what I want from college as well as provides a place that I am happy and that I can succeed both personally and academically.


This is my third time around attending college. I currently have a career as a Chicago Police officer but I want a new challenge and am undertaking a big change in my life: I returned to school. I'm planning to enter nursing school next year, I've been accepted to a major university far away from Chicago. I am quitting my job, giving up my pension and insurance, my house and all my achievements to take on this new challenge. I work full time at night. I attend court several times a week. And I'm in school four days a week. I'm taking two huge science classes with labs. It's exciting and stimulating. I love nearly every minute of class. I am doing really well in both classes because I am truly interested in the subject matter. The first time through school didn't go nearly this well. So, in spite of the fear of removing my income, pension and security the ways that these classes have opened my eyes is taking the fear out of my decision to change careers.


Deciding to attend a Military College for my first two years of college was the best decision i could have ever made. Im not interested in going into the Military at all, im on a softball scholarship at Marion Military Institute. I have gotten alot out of my college experience. I gained great qualities from here, discipline being number one. In order to grow here at this school I had to be taught discipline. Discipline here is not like discipline from home. This has been a great learning experiencce. I have been taught leadership skills that i never thought i would be taught. This school has prepared me for the next level as far as athletic wise but academic wise. The mandantory things such as PMCQ which is a nightly study hall has helped me to stay focused on my work and to be serious about my grades. I know if i had of went off to a normal college i wouldnt have been so self disciplined. It has been very valuable to me to attend this school. By attending this college my first two years has already given me many opportunities. Discipline is always the key to learning & leading.


College taught me questions I've never been exposed to before; college liberated me and I am able to think for myself. I love being in an environment where I am surrounded by educated individuals everyday. My progress through higher education is invaluable to me. There are not enough words to accurately describe how much I've learned in my college years. My knowledge expanded outside of the classroom to the realms of the world. My concerns have shifted from passing a test to passing the test of life. I know now that the world seems much less intimidating when supported by education. School has played a major role in my life and I can't imagine life without going to class, writing papers, or being apart of an intellectual discussion (and actually know what you're talking about). I've wanted this my whole life, and I simply don't understand why everybody capable person in the world wouldn't want to go to college. College is the time in one's life to learn, grow, and experience what the world is offering.


I chose to attend a private college for many reasons, but two of the most important factors were smaller class sizes and the students are more than just a number. At Florida Southern College you definitely have that. My largest class has 40 people, including the professor, and every professor I've had still remembers my name, as well as facts about me like my major and what organizations I'm involved in. The professors here are so friendly and love to get to know each and every student. One of the best professors I have ever had is my mentor, advisor, teacher, boss, research partner and friend. I've learned so much from him and come so far not only as a student, but as an individual, that I am extremely glad to have chosen a small school where I can shine, as opposed to a huge school where I'm just another small fish in a vast sea.


The college experience has been so unique. In high school I was always surrounded by people as driven as me, because of the program I was in, but in moving to college, I sincerely think that some of these people here are messed up in the head. The girls of my hall go out to the town bar everynight, relationships start on whims and merely finding out what the other person's first name is, and the Greek Life talk is huge. Yet in the end, the thing I noticed is that I am still me, and everyone else has probably always been like that. College is truely my first mixing pot experience and all those other people may look at me like a holed up hermit in my room studying, but I know that may in the end learn something from them, like how to have fun once in a while, and they may learn how less stressful a planned out day is. College so far is a give and take, so be ready to get shocked, then mix the best of you with the best of others.


my college experience so far has been short yet great. Being here enabled me to really see that i do want to stay in college and try my hardest. everone here has been so great and encouraging. we have our own faculty advisors, student advisors and the counseling center to go to. plus you can still talk to the person you helped you get here, your admssions couselor. being here at this college has given me a lift in my spirits because i know that everyone here wants me to be successful! everyone wants to help you get to where your going. in life.


I will not start college for a few more weeks but I am extremely excited.


My college experience has given me an awesome relationship with lots of different people from my school. I've learned so much because the school offers courses in subjects that are extremely interesting, so I definitely feel like I'm getting my money's worth.


My college experience taught me many things. College serves as a bridge to adulthood. You have to learn to take responsibilities for yourself. No one is going to make you get up and go to class everyday. I saw people that slept in everyday and didn't come to class. It just made me realize that in the end, I am the one paying for classes and I am going to get the most out of my education by attending classes everyday. College also helped me improve the valuable skills of working in a team and public speaking. I was required do a class project and we had to work in groups. We had to coordinate how we would work on the paper and how we would present. I had to overcome dealing with people that didn't do their part. I was very nervous about speaking in front of the class, but I learned with practice that I can be a confident speaker. In life you have to take chances, be responsible, work with other people, and be able to accurately get across what you mean. I feel that my college experience helped me build all these skills.


My college experince thus far has been nothing short of amazing. College is something my family and I have always dreamed about. I always knew I would attend college and run for that school as well. Both have made me a diffrent person in alot of ways. I grew up at college, because as everyone tells you, there are no parents, no rules, no one telling you what you have to do. You mostly just have deadlines and rubrics. College is filled with project after project and you have to get them done. Its not like highschool where you go for free, no someone is paying for you to do this work. So you cant just flunk out so easy. I have made a variety of friends here at FSC, friends I wouldt have made if I hadn't tryed to get into college. Mostly though running has just transformed me into a hard core, dedicated athlete who just wants to succeed. The team here is a close team, we share the same likes and dislikes and we get along very well. I have built lasting friendships that I will charish forever. College has been very valuable to attened!


I would tell myself to take more college level courses my senior year of high school, to get them out of the way and have a head start when I begin school. I would also tell myself to join more clubs and make stronger attempts at meeting new people. People come and go. The more friends you make, the higher likely hood you have at keeping them. This is my one downfall in school, I don't know enough students on campus that value true friendships over party friendships. Through my experiences, I would want to high school version of me to go into college understanding the value of 'one class is 3 credit hours and I need 120 to finish my degree.' This would help me value any class I could take prior to my high school graduation and get a jump start. I would warn the young me to take losses of friends much more lightly. Also, I would tell myself to research careers then figure out what degrees matched them. Lastly, I would warn myself to find more questions for advisors regarding the possibilities of my future. They have mislead me and I'd warn myself.


Going back in time and knowing what I know now about this college experience. I feel like I should have applied for more scholarships so it would have eased the process of paying for college out of your own pocket and also applied myself better in my studies so I would have scored higher on my ACT and SAT. Many teenagers think that high school is the best thing that ever happened but truly they have not been to college and experienced the world in a whole different view. I would also tell myself that at first the transition from living with your parent?s everyday to finally living on your own will be tough at first but in the end it will get easier. I will remind myself to always follow my heart and keep my head held high.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself one piece of advice, and that is experience everything with an open mind. Making the transistion from high school to college was a big deal for me, because I came from out of state, and I didn't know what to expect, but I kept an open mind about everything and wanted to experience everything I could. I knew it was important to meet new people, and to try new things in order to gain wisdom about what my college career held in store for me. It is important to learn and try anything and everythin in order to know how you feel, and he only way to gain knowledge and experience, is to keep your mind open and give everything a chance. This is the advice I'd give myslf after experiencing my first year of college, and I think it is good advice many people could use, when considering what to do as they approach the world of college.


Hello, self. It may seem like a smart idea to pursue a 'practical' career goal, but you will not be happy. Choose a future plan that fits 'your' needs and 'your' interests. You have been the first female for many things in your family but it is time to follow the dream that is strictly your own, one that does not involve making your parents proud or proving your worth. Be incredulous that after all the hardships your parents endured to become American citizens that they would allow you to become nothing more than what you would have been back in rural Vietnam. Break the gender stereotype of your family and opt to carry a rifle instead of a frying pan. You are a woman, yes, but you are a strong woman. Although, you will suffer a terrible homesickness you have never felt before, you will meet amazing comrades who will always be there for you and you will conquer your fears after you've been pushed passed every limit in your body. Despite their disapproving faces, your parents will be proud of you. After all, you are a soldier. Remember, hope to the end and never lose your faith.


Enjoy your last year but start to move toward the college year. Be patient with yourself, your parents, you friends, roommates.....everything will workout and it will be the most outstanding experience of your life. Except the fear and tears of the unknown but know you are not alone and let yourself open to new friends and experiences. Life can change in an instance so take this time to grab as much as you can and have fun with the instructors and enjoy the fact you get to make the choices that will direct you life. And, if the direction you think you have chosen for the last 10 years suddenly become something that is NOT what you want, IT IS OK..........the sun will still come up in the morning, everyone will live after you tell them you have decided you would like to do something else. College that is what it does, it gives us choices to make. We can think about what we want to do when we grow up and they will help get us there. Get past the fear......what is behind this new door will knock your socks off!


I would go back and tell myself to make as many friends as possible. Becoming active on campus is one of the best things you can do to make friends and be exposed to the many activities and opportunities available. I would say get to know your professors and advisor. You will be able to talk to them about problems that you have, they are there to help you through your college experience. Do not get caught up in the high school drama, meaning do not let the little things bother you that the other students say or do to bring you down, just worry about yourself and your friends and do not let anything get to you. I would also tell myself that college is not scary and you will adjust to the college life just fine and you have nothing to worry about.


One very important thing is to visit all colleges I am interested in. This way, I won't have any doubt that this is the college I really want to go to. The transition is a lot better than what it seems. People at college are willing to help freshman and get to know them. It is not quite like high school where people are in seperate cliques and it is hard to fit in. Everyone has their own goals and ambitions, so it fun to meet a variety of people with all different backgrounds. Everyone says that college is hard, but it is just challenging. Classes are meant to teach you about what you want to know, information that can be used to help you with your career. There are so many sources, from professors to counselors, that will help you with your college experience and the journey beyond. Embrace it; this is the beginning of a new, exciting experience!


Remember to be true to yourself. Find that campus that grabs you. Keep your mind open as you take in the college. Don't try to do everything on your own. The other freshmen are in the same situation! Make sure your family knows you are ok.


If I could return to my high school senior-self, I would give myself a few words of advice. I would probably warn myself about the need for earplugs. I would also advise myself to not be afraid of becoming outgoing and sociable with people that I don't know; I shouldn't be afraid to talk to my neighbors, because they are really nice! I would also tell myself to take charge of my schedule and not procrastinate when it comes to purchasing textbooks for my classes!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about my college experience I would tell myself that I should take life a little less seriously. I should stop stressing about the things that I cannot control and instead enjoy the social life that is available to me. I did not get to experience enough of the friendships that I had at Florida Southern College. My grades are good without much effort, so I should take the GPA hit and do what makes me happy instead of doing things that are so intensely practical. I am going to pursue graduate school, but I am pursuing an MFA in creative writing, what I truly love to do and did not experience enough of because I was too stressed to focus on my writing.


Do not go to a school because all of your friends are going to that particular university or because it is close to your home. Go to the university that will benefit you the most. You need a school that will support you so that when have completed your education, you can support it.


The best advice i could give anyone is dont stick to one school, look around there are millions. The are big colleges and small colleges whatever you feel more comfortable with is the best choice for you to make. Take visits and tour anything you can do to find the best school for you.


To make the most of the college experience, the student needs to walk on each campus and try to invision attending the school. When I was making this decision everyone told me that I would get this feeling and would know what school to pick. I did not get that "tug" until I stepped onto the Florida Southern College campus one year ago. Parents need to let their children make the decision because no matter what the money will come if it is the college of their dreams. Some how all thins work out, you could ask my parents. They will have two children at Florida Southern in the Fall and they question how they will afford it but they know that their children could be happy at no other school. Students, this place will bring a whole new meaning of "home" to you. The people you meet will make an impact on your life and change it in ways you never believed could happen. Enjoy the changes and live it but because you are always going to want to relive those college days!


Make sure that you save enough money that way you do not have to rely on student grants or financial aid. Security with your money is very important. If you have to use scholarships apply for as many as you can as early as you can. As for the college expierience stay active in school but also pay very close attention to your school work. You go to college to get an education first and foremost. Fun can be a part of that but not if you are worry about your grades.


I think that the best advice that I can give is to start your search early. Many high school students start their Junior year and are unsure which school to choose by their senior year. Instead, start looking upon entering high school , gain an idea of which aspects of a college you desire most and then search for colleges based on these criteria. I also cannot stress this enough, take the time to visit the colleges and take a tour to get a feel for the environment that each school has. This way, you can get an idea whether or not the college is for you or not.


The most important thing to consider when picking a college is the academics, and if it has your major. If you don't know what you want to major in yet, it is a good idea to pick a liberal arts college, so you can get a well-rounded education. Next are the location and size. Do you want to stay close to home or move far away? If you don't like crowds, it's best to choose a smaller college, or you will be miserable in a classroom with over 100 students. To make the most out of college, you need to do things that are important to you. If you are a social person, make sure you save enough time to go out with friends. If you like to be involved in activities, then find clubs you are interested in. If excelling in your classes is important, you may not have much time for extracurricular or social activities, but no one is saying you need to participate in them. The most important thing is getting your priorities straight, and then you won't have any regrets.


Follow the money.


let go of your kids and let them learn. go on college tours with your child


Find out as much as you can about the social aspects as well as the academic aspects. Do not listen to only your admissions councelor, because i am good friends with one, and i know that they are only trying to get you to come to their school. Get to know people that actually go there in order to REALLY find out about the school.