Florida SouthWestern State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Dont know of many yet


Edison is best known for being a community college best made for students that have just graduated from local high schools in Fort Myers because it doesn't cost as much money like big colleges or private universities do. It also gives students a chance to complete their general studies there before they transfer to another school for their intended major. Also, it helps students whom do not have an intended major yet by giving them multiple opportunities and majors to consider.


My school is best known for nnursing.


The University of Arizona is best known for their broad fields of research. They have one of the best rated medical programs in the world and they are mainly described as a research university. The University of Arizona's constant research has proven successful and allowed many discoveries in many different fields of study to be put into effect all around the world.


Many people don't know this, but Edison State College now offers four year degrees, when it changed from being a community college to a state college. It is also known for its collegiate high school, where students can graduate with an AA degree.


Locally, my school is best known for their nursing program and the quality nurses that graduate from their program. In addition, it is the home of the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall that is host to many wonderful productions.


My school is best known for its beautiful campus and its acedemic and student diversity.


Going Tobacco Free


Edison has a really great nursing program, which of course means nothing to me, but I do like the fact that my current school has something great about it. It gives me faith that I am getting a good education. Although I will only attend Edison for this Spring 2010 semester, I'm sure it will be an experience. Also, I don't think it's known for this, but they are offering three week study abroad sessions for which I am applying to be a part of. That is the part I am loving the most about Edison College.

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